Pray For Pastor Bob-Robert Banister, In His Rig Stuck

DR Bob is all over USA, he said worse winter he has ever seen as a long haul trucker.

Bobs email, I give to you so we can pray for BOB.

Praying for you
Dr. Bob the Grandpa <>
Today, 9:49 AMYou
Good Morning Brother,
I have been stuck on the side of the road since yesterday in a truck turnout near Ft. Bridger Wyoming. The road has been closed, and will remain closed until further notice. There is a possibility of reopening late this afternoon-but uncertain due to another round of snowstorms. Remember I left Lincoln NE nearly a week ago and haven't even made it out of Wyoming yet. This is some kind of a record. There are no facilities here-only some flat ground, thus a little like snow camping. My concern at this time is that I don't have very much fuel left, I have a gallon of water left and i have some food. I can always melt snow for some more water, but if I run out of fuel I am in trouble. The Lord is with me-so doing OK, my main concern is fuel. There are other trucks out here without food or supplies so I am watching for this. Like you said-there is a lesson in this.
I am going to postpone Grace Wins! tonight due to circumstances-perhaps will scheduled for Fri night if I can get to a suitable location by then. In all my years of trucking I have never experienced a winter like this. So please pray for me and for safe passage out of the mountains. I wish I were out there with you in Yermo- hot and dry dusty old desert LOL.

NOT this year, we have had record rain and cloudy, windy hard desert winter.

Love you my Brother,
Dr. BOB to Dr. DAN