Sue Miller Just Became A Grandma-Lord Bless Her And The Baby

My dear  long time friend and she has done a few messages on this website she is a member LOL.
I just got the news the baby was born. This is Sue Miller Email-I will ask her to do a message on what do Jews, Messianic Jews do , a child dedication,. what, in her words. Over the years she has taught me a great deal about messianic Jewish Church events.

 Susan Miller Today, 1:45 PMYou
Yes! I was just going to write.

Charles Maxwell Miller was born at 11:41a.m.EST, weighing in at 8lbs.,9oz.and 20.5 inches long.

He is just beautiful. God is so good.
Here a few pictures.

Mom is doing well.

Will write more later.

Love to you both-
Grandma Sue

The Lord shows us life , in the midst of so much death, life goes on, even in global chaos, plants grow, baby's are born. My thought is the lord our Father holds us and sees us just like this new baby.

Also, simply, as said, life goes on, my daughter Colene was born on Jan 11th so it means something deeper to me. FYI- Pray for my Daughter, she is having trouble with her move to Maine, we have herd no word in a few days, last call was not good at all. We pray she comes home. You always remember your child as this baby. 

Your baby might be in jail, but you love him.
Your baby might be in mental institution, but you love him 
Your baby may be an addict-but you love him.


God does not wink at our sin, or OK any sin, but he is with us in all, no matter where you are, you can start again, you can come home again, you can be born again like this baby, today you can be truly, fully, ALIVE. IN CHRIST-joy will flood your soul, and that weight you have been carrying is taken away. Its not easy, but its a way of life that is indescribable. You can have this, yes you...right now, are you tiered enough of the road your on? I hope so, repent, seek Jesus, accept him, learn of him, and walk like him.