Posted by Pastor Dr. Bob Bannister

This Week On Grace Wins! Chapel Service:

Own Mind

Some people, out of selfishness, avoid friendly relations with others. 

Please join us this week as we explore a couple Proverbs. Our services are conducted  various evenings throughout the coming week. We offer a fully interactive chapel service conducted using video conferencing. I would like to invite you to a time of fellowship as we study the Word of God together as brothers and sisters in the Lord.

For more information about Grace Wins! please visit:

You will find a very simple contact form on Page 3 (OK-Sounds Good). I will then send you a personal invitation to our chapel service. 

Grace Wins! also provides solid Biblical counsel to anyone who has need of a Brother to walk beside you as we face the difficult challenges of our day. Please use same contact form as above. 

Next Grace Wins! Chapel Service: Monday 8:00 pm Central Time

Blessings To You,

Pastor Bob (a.k.a. Dr. Grandpa)