A Time To Do Nothing But Trust-Study On Trust

Pro 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

Pro 3:6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

First the Hebrew word for lean:





BDB Definition:

1) to lean on, trust in, support

1a) (Niphal) to lean, lean upon, support oneself

1a1) of trust in God (figuratively)






A primitive root; to support one’s self: - lean, lie, rely, rest (on, self), stay.

This message will tell us what to trust, first it is clearly not on self, or even others, but on the lord alone, the one that can always be trusted.

It is very easy to lean on, relay on self, but this will always lead to heart ache, sadness, let downs, hurt, fear. Etc.

Trust in the lord, the N.T. says. " Have Faith in God". we are not to have faith in faith, but faith in God, faith and trust normally mean the same thing. We are buffeted to teach us faith, we are taught faith to the point it produces longevity, long-suffering, and we give in, give up, and let God.

This results in heart trust in the lord, not situations, things, ministry, people, place, things, a bank account, our own wisdom.

All our heart this says, not a part of it. We often hear , " Have you given over to the lord every part of your heart, or are you holding on to something you have not yet , or can not yet, let go of and give it all to the lord".

Secret places, secret thoughts, they may be hid from man, but not God, he knows our very thoughts from far away, he knows all. We can have a smile and put on a mask, but God sees the heart.

There is also comfort in the fact God sees the heart, as God is our Judge. Many times people misunderstand you, take you wrong, think your out of your tree, (many think I am still out of my tree, may this never change lol. ) but God knows, and if your following hard after him, if you are doing what He says , you can rest, God knows your heart. What Joy, comfort, this brings the ability to forge ahead no matter what man says, after all who are we pleasing, God or Man.

This verse has been my theme verse for these 5 plus years, how many times I have been given it by the lord and by others, I have not arrived, I must work on this and learn always, he is in control, he can be trusted, and no fear is needed, as he sees and knows everything. I am learning, but I still fall short on this one verse many times.

Faith is in the unseen, we do not see the lord, by faith we know he is real, when going through something and the heavens seem brass, it only seems this way, the lord has a purpose, to build our faith, our trust in him, and in him alone.

Pro 3:6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

The lord orders your steps, if you are one of his, its in the bible. We may not always like where the steps are going, but Father knows best, he knows the why, we may never know, until we reach glory.

Committed all to the lord in prayer, with trust in him not self this is when, how the lord will bring something to pass, if it is his will and if it is from him.

This is the hard part, is it your mind, a hope, a want, a desire, or is it the perfect will of the lord.

I often said, the number one thing people ask prayer for is direction, so why do so many lack clear direction?

I do not have the answer for you, but I can speak about my walk. It is of the lord, I move in it, after long prayer and being told , do this, do that, and things seem to go nowhere why? Faith, yes Faith, it builds an enduring trust, and we will need this in the days coming and the days we are in. It is a trust, faith issue, commit all to the lord, waiting on him, and than taking action, things many times do not happen, because many know what to do but take no action, they just sit and wait for 300 confirmations, many of us know in our heart, by the small still voice what we should do and what we should not do, the small still voice, once cultivated, I have found it is NEVER wrong. I wrote on this, cultivating the hearing of the small still voice, it is very important.

Hurry up, and wait on the lord, but once you know, move, do, take action, for faith without works is dead, it is faith that works, we are not Monks, the lord wants us to do more than pray, he wants us to move in him, move as he says, and do as he says, or we can miss the direction, this is the cause I feel, in many people, a failure to act on what you know is 100% of the lord, but leaning on your own understanding, trusting in self, is the road block that must be removed,

let us trust in the lord today, with all our heart, and see what a difference in makes in our prayer life, how we deal with others, and how we become more Christ like, as we carry our cross for his Glory. Today if we apply this, and it is a life long process, we will be the ones that are' Smiling in the storm".

Beloved, today, is the day, trust in the lord, it is a time to trust, today.