Are You Doing God's Will or Your Own?

Someone says, “Well, why did you go there or why did you do this?” The answer: because I believed it to be God’s will. – Paul Washer

UPDATE: I read the devotional I get in my email by Austin T Sparks and it goes so well with this short clip I must post it.

Austin-Sparks.Net - Open Windows 8 February
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*February 8*

/When you were young, you used to dress yourself and walk wherever you
wanted. (John 21:18 ESV)/

The "eyes which are as a flame of fire" are looking for reality. They
pierce through many things. In the first place, they pierce through
traditional and formal religion or "Christianity." Their interrogation
is - Is your religion a matter of attachment or adherence to a system,
a historical tradition, a family inheritance; and so on? Or is it born
- is it a birth /in /you; is it something that has happened to you; is
it your very life, your very being? Secondly - and I concentrate more
especially upon this for the moment - they pierce through temperament
and disposition. They demand to know whether the reason why you are
where you are, are concerned for what you are concerned for, are
connected with what you are connected with, and are disposed as you
are, is because your particular temperament leans that way. You are
artistic and mystical in your tastes and constitution: therefore you
choose or make your religion after your own image. Your temperament is
melancholic, and so the more abstract, profound, serious, intense,
introspective, and speculative, appeals to you and finds a /natural
/response in you. You make God, Christianity, Christ, the Bible, after
/your /image.

Or again, you are of the practical temperament. To you everything is
only of value as it is "practical." You have no patience with these
contemplative people. You are irritated by the "Marys," for "many
dishes" are your concern. To you, how the end is reached is of much
less importance than the end itself. You are not bothered much with
imagination, and you would put all the value on things done - how much
there is actually to show for your day. /Your /God and /your
/Christianity are entirely, or almost entirely, of the practical kind,
after /your /own image. And so we could go on with all the other
temperaments. But this will not do, for Christ is not any one of
these; He is different. He may combine the good in all, but that does
not wholly mean Divine nature. He is /different. /All this is the
human soul, but the essential nature of Christ and true Christianity
is of the Divine Spirit - it is heavenly! If new birth means anything,
it means this, that another nature and disposition is born into the
believer, so that he or she is "carried whither they (naturally) would

By T. Austin-Sparks from: The Only Reality