Back From My Two Week Sabbatical-GRAPHIC~~Too Small a Price, by Don Francisco

I am back from my two week sabbatical. I was on my back almost 2 weeks with the flu.
I have been having serious problems with my email. I can not send anything , my onedrive shows up, but will not let me send a thing, I can email that is it. Yahoo same. I do not know whats going on.  I am having also PC issues I have been at it a few days off and on. So, I had a message planed but will post in the next message coming.

The site will have much more of the word, and the month of Feb will have a classic music video like the one posted. A message , and a music video every two days. TMM will focus more on the word and not current events, unless something big happens. Its all Jesus beloved. There is so much going on and there are endless videos and sites covering the current insanity going on, TMM will focus on feeding the sheep, and giving warnings of Judgment, that will not change . As a watchmen that is my call.

This 11 min video is amazing, a classic, it has a lot of the clips from the Passion of Christ and it is amazing.