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This devotion I got just now speaks on suffering, lose, troubles, and the why, the character of God in all we suffer. NOTE: Right after I posted this I looked to the right and read word in due times exhortation and its the same message,. shorter and different but same Holy Spirit.

/Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the
joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame.
(Hebrews 12:2)/

The passion of the Cross is the way of our release, and if you
consider your own spiritual experience, those of you who have any
experience of a walk with God, you know quite well that it has been
through times of deep and acute suffering that you have found fresh
releases; fresh releases in your spiritual life. Is it not true? Yes,
we pass into a time of excruciating spiritual and soul suffering. We
do not know what the Lord is doing, what He means by this, what He is
after, but we know the features of our experience and know what it is
that we are suffering, and it goes on. We, of course, ask the Lord to
stop it, to bring it to a quick end, to deliver us from it.

 He takes
no notice of us, and it is only those people who get out the other end
who say, ‘Thank God, He did not take any notice.' In the meantime,
we think He is anything but kind and good and doing the right thing,
but as we get on under His hand, we begin to see and to sense that He
is dealing with something. Maybe He is dealing with our pride, our
independence, or our irresponsibility, for example. That is the issue
that comes up, and we are faced all the time with something about
ourselves that is almost devastating. We would not have believed that
that was so strong in us.

Oh, of course we were always ready to believe that that is in mankind
and in us as a part of mankind in a general way. Yes, we would never
have resented being told that there was pride or something like that
about us, but we would never have believed how deeply rooted and
terribly strong that thing is until it was put to a fiery test and
everything was held up, and we saw that everything in our life and
work for God was held up on that point.... And we know quite well that
what the Lord was after was not the pulverising of us, as we thought,
the winding up of us, but to bring about enlargement, to bring about
release, and release always lies along the line of the Cross, the
passion. Enlargement always lies in that direction.

By T. Austin-Sparks from: The Cross and the Way of Life - Chapter 1


 They cause their own trouble – April 02, 2017

In the world you will have much trouble but there are those who cause their own trouble in life and unless they realize it, they will continue to suffer. You all learn obedience through much suffering. I seek total obedience from each one of you and not just from some.

Those who cause their own trouble, bear the consequences also. They will not be able to blame Me nor anybody else, but themselves.

I know every heart, all motives and thoughts. Nothing is hidden from Me. I see and I hear everything. What you sow you will reap also. Live your lives worthy of and pleasing to Me. Do not cause your own trouble because of stubbornness and disobedience. You will give account for your own deeds. Be blameless, do not cause your own trouble and trouble for others.

Submit to Me and My Authority, follow My Guidance and Leading every step of the way to be in My Perfect Will.