Found First April Fools Joke

I will do a few messages on the word fool, what a fool is, what it means call no man a fool, not what you think.
I saw this on Yahoo news.
Tom Brady traded to Buffalo Bills....yesterday , the post said, Tom got a differed bonus due, 14  million so today Bill the coach comes out and says Tom Traded to Bills.

I did not find this anywhere else, and Brady is known for April fools jokes. One year, some may recall, Tom had  pics a vid of him in a full body cast LOL. I had to post this as my wife loves her Pats.

Look for the messages on the word fool, and more a fast post.

Lets see if this was a April fools Joke? 


I knew this was a April fools Joke, you must know Brady's past jokes. 

Tom Brady Definitely Didn't Get Traded to the Buffalo Bills

Evil Yahoo sports April fool's day post - Brady traded to Bills