Charles Nenner-Next World War Starts in Asia-Most On Economic Crash in 2017

Greg Hunter- USAWatchdog. This man is one of my personal favorites amazing programs .

Interesting, guest talks of 7 year cycles, much different than anything I have heard, and he speaks of Sept-October ( November) 2017 I have felt this, but I did in 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011? we will see , I just feel, due to many things I am seeing and hearing from the lord, it still is Urgent and this simply confirms my time table, and again the 7 year cycle thing is spot on, listen. OK at 16 min hes starts to talk about Asia.

Yes a war, be it a war with N. Korea, or a ww3, we will see, but history repeats, and that cycle we have been in , only Gods grace has held many things off.

The war, it will be with Asia not Russia, have I stood by that, and currently it looks more and more as this will happen.
He speaks of the fall of Rome and how we are in the same place. I did a post on this exact topic. The Fall Of A Nation, Interesting post has ad few reads read that one after this, it all fits. He says a few times Terrorist in USA with mini nukes, not sure of that.

You tube Users words.

On the “War Cycle,” Renowned economist Charles Nenner, who is also an expert in both market and war cycles, says, “Wars come in cycles. It seems people have to have a certain amount of time so they forget how bad it was so they can start a new one. We talked about this a few years ago and said it’s not going to be the Middle East. It’s going to be China and the islands. In the aerospace industries in China, Japan, Vietnam and Korea, something is cooking over there. I still think the whole thing is coming from there. It’s just an accident that has to happen.”