The Time Is Coming To Shut Your Doors And Hide Yourself- Re-post- A Prophecy

The lord has been giving me this word over a year now, this was posted in 2016 and it must be said again.

In Red is a word, a Prophecy, something I keep seeing

Beloved the time is on us NOW, it is prudent to heed this word, it is the lord giving a word to his remnant bride.

A Prophecy, Visions, a delusion, call it what you will, I care not, I must share this to the bride today.

I keep seeing a Black and White mental movie of sorts, it has been giving to me over and over again, I have told only one person this word.

I see in slow motion, in Black and White, why? I believe the B&W is pointing back in history, to a time before anything was in color on T.V. History repeats, ww2, a time of a dictator, a nation falls again like Germany, now it will happen again, this time it will be America.

I see Vice president Mike Pence as the president, he looks angry, yelling, pounding his fist, and a great purge starts. He will become the president and we will see a great deception take place, many will be shocked, many will say this can not be, they fell for the “Make America Great Again”. A Revolution breaks out, Riots, this is why this word must be re -examined again this day. This has all been planed, one of the greatest Con Jobs in American History. There can be no, great America again, without a national repentance, this has not happened, sin has become more and more in our face. America is not even in end time prophecy, this is why, America has fallen from its founding fathers faith in Jesus. Beloved we are in perilous times, do not go outside when these things take place, close the door and wait, be in prayer and wait.

Isa 26:16 LORD, in trouble have they visited thee, they poured out a prayer when thy chastening was upon them.

Isa 26:17 Like as a woman with child, that draweth near the time of her delivery, is in pain, and crieth out in her pangs; so have we been in thy sight, O LORD.

Isa 26:18 We have been with child, we have been in pain, we have as it were brought forth wind; we have not wrought any deliverance in the earth; neither have the inhabitants of the world fallen.

Isa 26:19 Thy dead men shall live, together with my dead body shall they arise. Awake and sing, ye that dwell in dust: for thy dew is as the dew of herbs, and the earth shall cast out the dead.

Isa 26:20 Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.

Isa 26:21 For, behold, the LORD cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.

Vrs. 20 the message;


Enter thou into thy chambers - Into places of retirement, where the storm of indignation on your enemies shall not reach or affect you.

Hide thyself as it were ... - Do not mingle in the scenes of battle, lest you should partake of the general calamity.

For a little moment - Implying that the war would not rage long. Babylon was taken in a single night (see the notes at Isa. 13; 14), and the call here is for the people of God to be calm while this battle should rage in which the city should be taken.

Until the indignation ... - Not, as Lowth supposes, the indignation of God against his people, but the storm of his indignation against their enemies the Babylonians. That would be soon ‘overpast,’ the city would be taken, the storms of war would cease to rage, and then they would be delivered, and might safely return to their own land.

I repeat what Barnes wrote;
Do not mingle in the scenes of battle, lest you should partake of the general calamity.

I have spoke of this before, I feel it should be touched on again.

In the day we live in we are seeing, riots, uprisings, division, threats, the election from hell, 2016.

UPDATE May 2017, It has become much worse beloved and will get even beyond what anyone can imagine, but we hid in Christ.

I think the message was during Occupy Wall Street, I said Occupy for Jesus. If you want to make extra certain you will not be caught up in possible death, harm or prison, I would recommend avoiding all such protests, riots will break out, so be no where near it, that is when we are to occupy the secret place. Hide ourselves for a while until the indignation is over.

Some will say I am coming against the USA constitution, our right to free speech and public assembly, look, OK, I am saying this, it will be prudent not to be around the crowds.

Occupy Seattle, the rage of Seattle, many innocent people were in harms way hurt, beat and put in a jail.

No matter who wins the election, if there is one, hide yourself. The lord has given us all a warning and a time, this would be the place to spend more time alone with the lord.-

Update we know who won, but nothing has changed, it has become the same old same old, an iron fist, and no velvet glove.

Practice the secret closet prayer.

The elite in some places are already fleeing to the underground cities, bunkers, and yet they are not safe, the Christian left up top, are higher, the heavenly place, our refuge of hope, and we are safe .

Many understand what is on us, it is the judgment of the lord, and so all lose freedoms when judgment and captivity has been warned of as a reality. Most can not have free speech already, most can not assemble free , the 300 mile free speech zone, and laws have already made it almost impossible to have any constitutional freedoms, soon there will be none.

I will let the commentaries bring forth some real Jewels on this esp. The BI, once again wow and the best I have read on the subject.


Isaiah 26:20

enter ... chambers — When God is about to take vengeance on the ungodly, the saints shall be shut in by Him in a place of safety, as Noah and his family were in the days of the flood (Gen_7:16), and as Israel was commanded not to go out of doors on the night of the slaying of the Egyptian first-born (Exo_12:22, Exo_12:23; Psa_31:20; Psa_83:3).

The saints are calmly and confidently to await the issue (Exo_14:13, Exo_14:14).


Having foretold the wonderful deliverance and great happiness of God’s people, and the utter destruction of their enemies, lest they should think they were now entering into the possession of this felicity, he adds what here follows, and intimates, that for the present they were to expect storms, and to prepare for them, and patiently to wait God’s time for the accomplishment of so great a mercy.

Enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee; withdraw thyself from the company and conversation of the wicked world, lest partaking with them in their sins thou dost also partake of their plagues; pour out thy prayers to God in thy closet, as this may be explained by comparing Mat_6:6; put thyself under the protection of my providence and grace by faith and prayer. He alludes to the common practice of men, who when there are storms or dangers abroad, betake themselves into their own houses or chambers for safety; or, as some think, to that history, Exo_9:19,20, or to that command of not going out of their houses, Exo_12:22, or to the like charge given to Rahab, as the condition of her preservation, Jos 2.


Isaiah 26:20-21

Come, My people, enter thou into thy chambers
A gracious invitation

THE FORM OF THE INVITATION, including in it the qualified subject. “Come, My people.” God’s own peculiar people, who have chosen God for their protection, and resigned up themselves sincerely to Him in the covenant, are the persons here invited, the same which He before called “the righteous nation that kept the truth” (Isa_26:2). He means those that remained faithful to God in Babylon. The form of invitation is full of tender compassion. “Come, My people.” Like a tender father who sees a storm coming upon his children in the fields, and takes them by the hand.

II. THE PRIVILEGE INVITED TO. “Enter thou into thy chambers.” The Divine attributes engaged in the promises and exercised or actuated in the providences of God—these are the sanctuaries of God’s people in days of trouble.

Let me paraphrase that line;

The promises of the lord as found in the bible, the bible shows us Gods character, when in a time of trouble the lord himself activates his own promises, and thus in Gods promises, now activated, we have our hiding place in God.

Or- The promises of God are our sanctuary, hiding place, in a time of trouble

III. A NEEDFUL CAUTION far the securing of this privilege to ourselves in evil times. “Shut thy doors about thee.” Care must be taken that no passage be left open for the devil to creep in after us, and drive us out of our refuge; for so it falls out too often with God’s people when they are at rest in God’s name or promises. Satan creeps in by unbelieving doubts and puzzling objections, and heats them out of their refuge back again into trouble.

IV. Note with what ARGUMENTS OR MOTIVES they are pressed to betake themselves to this refuge.

1. A supposition of a storm coming. The indignation of God will fall like a tempest; this is supposed in the text, and plainly expressed in the words following.
2. Though His indignation fall like
a storm, yet it will not continue long; better days and more comfortable dispensations will follow. (J. Flavel.)

The righteous man’s refuge

Doctrine—That the attributes, promises, and providences of God are the chambers of rest and security in which His people are to hide themselves when they foresee the storms of His indignation coming upon the world. Propositions—

1. That there times and seasons appointed by God for the pouring out of His indignation upon the world.

2. That God’s own people are concerned in, and ought to be affected with, those judgments.

3. That God hath a special and particular care of His people in the days of His indignation.

4. That God usually premonishes the world, especially His own people, of His judgments before they befall them.

5. That God’s attributes, promises, and providences are prepared for the security of His people, in the greatest distresses that befall them in the world.

6. That one but God’s people are taken into those chambers of security, or can expect His special protection in evil times. For the right stating of this proposition, three things must be heedfully regarded—

(1) That all good men are not always exempted from the stroke of outward calamities.

(2) That all wicked men are not always exposed to external miseries Ecc_7:15).

(3) But none but the people of God have right, by promise, to His special protection in evil days; that all such shall either be preserved from the stroke of calamities, or from the deadly sting, namely, eternal ruin by them. (J. Flavel.)

Chambers for God’s people

Let us view our chambers, and see how well God hath provided for His children in all the distresses that befall them in this world.

I. The first chamber which comes to be opened as a refuge to distressed believers in a stormy day is the attribute of DIVINE POWER.

1. Consider the power of God in itself. Omnipotent, supreme, everlasting.

2. In the vast extent of its operations. You will find it working beyond the line

(1) of creature power;
(2) of creature expectation;
(3) of human probability.

3. In its relation to the promises. If the power of God be the chamber, it is the promise of God which is that golden key that opens it. If we win consult the Scriptures, we shall find the almighty power of God made over to His people by promise, for many excellent ends and uses in the day of their trouble.

4. As it is continually opened by the hand of Providence, to receive and secure the people of God in all their dangers (2Ch_16:9).

II. The next chamber of Divine protection into which I shall lead you is, THE INFINITE WISDOM OF GOD—the original, essential, perfect, only wisdom. The wisdom of God makes advantage out of your troubles.

1. In fortifying your souls and bodies with suitable strength when any eminent trial is intended for you (2Co_1:5).
2. The wisdom of God can, and often doth, make your very troubles and sufferings so many ordinances to strengthen your faith and fortify your patience.

III. A third chamber of safety for the saints’ refuge is, THE FAITHFULNESS OF GOD—His sincerity, firmness, and constancy in performing His word to His people in all times and cases. Let us behold with delight the faithfulness of God making good six sorts of promises to His people in the days of their affliction and trouble, namely, the promises of—
1. Preservation.
2. Support.
3. Direction.
4. Provision.
5. Deliverance.
6. Ordering and directing the event to their advantage.

IV. The faithfulness of God leads into a fourth much like unto it, namely, THE UNCHANGEABLENESS OF GOD.

V. THE CARE OF GOD FOR HIS PEOPLE in times of trouble is the fifth chamber of rest. It is—

1. A fatherly care.
2. An universal care, watching over all His people, in all ages, places, and dangers.
3. Assiduous and continual (Lam_3:22-23).
4. Exceeding tender (Isa_49:15).
5. Seasonable.

VI. THE LOVE OF GOD is a resting place to believing souls. (J. Flavel.)

Trust in God’s protection induces calmness
The heart of a good man should at all times be like the higher heavens, serene, tranquil, and clear, whatever thunders and lightnings, storms and tempests trouble and terrify the lower world. If a man have a good roof over his head, where he can sit dry and warm, what need he trouble himself to hear the winds roar, see the lightnings flash, and the rains pour down without doors? Why, this is thy privilege, Christian (Isa_32:2). (Chrysostom.)

Religious retirement

The retreat from the world which the Scripture recommends, is temporary and not total; it is advised, not indeed that we become disjoined from the world, but that we may be the fitter for intercourse with it.

I. RETIREMENT IS EMINENTLY FAVOURABLE TO SELF-EXAMINATION. It is only by a searching inquiry into the purity of his motives, and the tendencies of his actions, that the Christian can be enabled to discern and correct what in them has been amiss, and to “walk worthily of the high vocation, whereunto he hath been called.”

II. RETIREMENT IS FAVOURABLE TO THE CHRISTIAN, INASMUCH AS IT ENABLES HIM TO RECOVER THAT SPIRITUAL TONS OF MIND SO ESSENTIAL TO HIS HAPPINESS, which, in his unavoidable collision with the world, must necessarily have been disturbed, as well as to take off that tendency to evil which its presence always generates. As the health of the plant is affected by its soil, and the nature of the animal by the pasture on which he feeds and couches, so must the character of man catch a line from what is immediately about him, and his mind be tinged by the circumstances in which it lives and has its being. But in solitude we are in a world of our own, where we can to a great extent command our ideas and feelings.





The advantages of religious retirement

Although man was made for action, he was also intended for contemplation. There is a time when solitude has a charm for the soul; when weary of the world, its follies and its cares, we love to be alone, and in silence to commune with our heart. Such a retirement, when devoted to pious purposes, is highly useful to man, and most acceptable to God.




IV. RETIREMENT AND MEDITATION WILL OPEN A SOURCE OF NEW AND BETTER ENTERTAINMENT THAN YOU MEET WITH IN THE WORLD. You will soon find that the world does not perform what it promises. The circle of earthly enjoyments is narrow, the career of sensual pleasure is soon run, and when the novelty is over, the charm is gone. But the wise man has treasures within himself. (J. Logan, F. R. S.)

The hour of solitude

The hour of solitude is the hour of meditation. He communes with his heart alone. He reviews the actions of his past life. He corrects what is amiss. He rejoices in what is right, and, wiser by experience, lays the plan of his future life. The great and the noble, the wise and the learned, the pious and the good, have been lovers of serious retirement. On this field the patriot forms his schemes, the philosopher pursues his discoveries, the saint improves himself in wisdom and goodness. Solitude is the hallowed ground which religion in every age has adopted as its own. There her sacred inspiration is felt, and her holy mysteries elevate the soul; there devotion lifts up the voice; there falls the tear of contrition; there the heart pours itself forth before Him who made, and Him who redeemed it. Apart from men, you live with nature, and converse with God. (J. Logan, F. R. S.)

Enter thou into thy chambers”
The entering rote the chambers may, not improbably, allude to the command that the children of Israel should not go out during the night of the destruction of the first born of Egypt. (Sir E. Strachey, Bart.)

Duty of reflection on God’s judgments


1. The Lord addresses, in these words, all, in general, who profess His name, and are named from Him; who receive His Word as the rule of their faith and practice; who attend His ordinances, and use the means of grace.

2. Therefore His true people are more especially meant in this passage. But who are these! They are described by St. Peter, who, having termed them “a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people,” says, they “are translated out of darkness into His marvellous light.”

II. THE ADVANCE HE GIVES THEM. “Come, My people.” Come to Me, and—

1. Make confession.

2. Utter your complaint.

3. Exercise trust and dependence upon Me.

4. Praise Me for My long suffering and mercies, and devote thyself to Me afresh. “Come with Me into thy chambers.” The word means retired, secret, and safe places. “Let the storm which disperses others bring you nearer together, to Me and to each other” (Henry). Withdraw into the changers of defence. The attributes of God are the “secret of His tabernacle” (Psa_27:5). His name is “a strong tower” (Pro_18:10).

III. THE REASON OF THIS ADVICE (Isa_26:21). God “comes out of His place” when He shows Himself in an extraordinary manner from heaven. The expression is borrowed from the usage of princes who come out of their palaces, either to sit in judgment, or to fight against their enemies. (J. Benson, D. D.)

God’s care for His people

Suppose your child is out of doors, and you see danger—a storm gathering, or something about to cross his path that may be fatal to him, what do you do? You hasten forth. You call out with anxious voice, “Come in! Come in, my child! There is danger where you are! Make haste into the house, and stay here safe until the storm is over past!” The great Father of the Church is not less watchful of His children. Look at Noah’s case just before the flood broke forth. Look again at Israel’s case on the night of the Passover. Behold, in my text, a third instance of the Lord’s fatherly care over His people. It is an instance which extends even to ourselves.

I. THE DANGER POINTED OUT. The words are applicable, in some measure, to every instance of almighty vengeance. But they seem to refer to some more sweeping act of vengeance than ever yet has taken place. It is the day of judgment that we must cast our eyes upon. It is then that, in the fullest sense, “the Lord will come out of His place, to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity.” An awful phrase that! “The Lord will come out of His place.” For what is His place—the place He occupies at present? It is a mercy seat. He sits there as a Saviour—to receive and bless applying sinners. But on that day He “will come out of His place.” He will leave the mercy seat for a throne of judgment.

II. THE COUNSEL GIVEN. How tender this invitation! For such it is. Look at the first word of it. “Come”—not” go. Not “go and seek a shelter where you can”; but “Come.” “Come” is an inviting word. “Come, My people”; that is a general invitation. “Enter thou into thy chambers”; that is an invitation addressed to each particularly, calling them in one by one.

III. THE PROMISES IMPLIED. “Hide thyself,” etc. These words are a command so worded as to convey, at the same time, three comfortable promises

1. “Hide thyself.” What is this but to assure them that by doing what He had just been telling them to do they shall be hid? We may safely view this as a promise of security to all who separate from the world and flee for refuge to a Saviour.

2. “For a little moment.” Here is another comfortable hint thrown out for the believer. As soon as this short life is over with him, all danger shall be past. There will be nothing more to hide from. He will have a broad Heaven to move about in, where there are no enemies to fear, no wrath to apprehend.

3. “The indignation shall be over past”—there is the third encouraging assurance. The clouds will be dispersed forever; and, having put all enemies under His feet, He will bless all those that are about Him with His constant smile. (A. Roberts, M. A.)

Good advice for troublous times

As the hen gives her peculiar “cluck” when the hawk is in the air, to bid her chicks come and hide under her wings, so does God here give a gentle, loving note of alarm, and a gracious call of invitation. We should come—

1. To spread our case before God.

2. To consider His mind about such a case.

3. To make sure of the greatest matters. The world may come and take away many of our external and temporary comforts, but we have a treasure that it never gave us, and cannot take away from us.

4. Having made sure of the great things, you may leave all the little things with God.


1. The store chamber of Divine power.

2. The council chamber of Divine wisdom.

3. The drawing room of Divine love.

4. The muniment room of Divine faithfulness.

5. The strong room of Divine immutability.

6. The best chamber of Divine salvation.


1. To shut out all doubt.

2. To shut ourselves in with God.



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