A Teaching With Many Prophetic Words

The original long name for this post was, Get Ready To Leave Zoar, A Teaching With Many Prophetic Words.

A true revelation, prophecy, word of knowledge about the very mission ground we are now on amazing how God still speaks, it hit me again to day June 8 2017.

 Original 2013 June I believe?-this would be a second re post, odd I have been looking for posts emails, words about the ministry, what God said, what did not come to pass.....a lot by the way.

I see the China 2013 warning in this post. I found this old post by a hyperlink on the herb school and it shows what person was reading, came from, it was this message so I found it in a long, odd way. When you have as many messages, posts, blogs and such a I do, I do get lost with so much and forget what I said on what website, or comment section.

'So much going on, so many birth pains, and the economy is about to collapse, very soon, a war with China, and the fall of our once blessed country, I weep over the loss of our freedom, I weep over the coming fall. this is ordered by the lord, and other nations as well'.

If you know anything about this humble ministry, you know it is all about sound doctrine, I know many will think I am crazy when I say, what I saw, I do not sensationalize anything, all I do is honestly say what I saw, or what I was told, fact is fact, no fruit cakes in this ministry. We are not neo-Charismatics or tela Evangelists that preach, teach delusions and false prophecy.

Note: this is a re-post, notice in it the open vision of a place, trees and such, I thought the lord was showing me a different state, the vision was clear, I saw it, a couple months later we were on the mission grounds we are now on.( Out of Zoar) , just over the bridge, nestled under the Calico Mountains. The lord said, our last stop, next I saw the New Jerusalem, the lord said, 'you next place is Glory'. The lord foretold this place. It struck me as I was reading it again, wow. It was foretold and it was posted before we got the place, God Still Speaks, also a powerful message worth a read.

From- April 6, 2013, we got the place on June 1, 2013 almost 2 months to the date, after the open vision, in the original post, I posted a sermon by an Evangelist, It was a confirmation that blew my mind, to read the original post and confirmation sermon see, visit the link.


More details were given at the time, the location, we were at The Acts Ch 2 place, an abandoned gas station, I posted two sermons I preached, and spoke, in the message 'be bold and proclaim' preached in the odd place, I said, and you can hear it, 'the people across the street can hear this', the people across the street, became our land lords of the mission, how wild is that, the exact location given.

 I saw clearly the place and what would happen, what would be in the fall of America, I now call it our Temporary Goshen, as there are no safe havens, soon we will be underground, until than the lord said, 'we would not catch a virus coming to America, we would not be taken captive'. Hard to believe we are surrounded by military bases.

 I saw the day we set foot on the property, our first night of prayer a crystal clear vision of real warring angles, than chariots of fire on the mountain tops, and a odd canopy around the whole area. I do not understand it all. It is a protected area 100% sure , I was told this, how? Only God knows.

The lord said it would all happen as seen, as told, but only in full swing after, and  as great events happen. A temporary safe haven. The lord said that night," Fear not, there are more with you than there are with them". I saw hundreds of Angels come down like lighting it was wild, nothing has changed, just the waiting time, a preparation time.

The hardships, trials, tribulations have been unspeakable, but I know why, boot camp, preparation, faith building. The presence of Jesus manifested in power, might, glory, it has not stopped. I have wanted to just run away, flee, it is a lot, the harsh climate, and such, but told, 'move not, stay put, have faith, I will protect, for one reason, that you may preach, teach sound doctrine to the many that will come', I saw them coming. Waiting and testings are hard, many are going through it, unexplainable hardship and suffering, all to the glory of our lord, and learning to have Joy in tribulations and troubles.

We feel , this can not be, but it is. It is real. It will happen I know, that I know, That I know. To many words, confirmations, prophecy's, all have come to pass, concerning us, and being shown the place two months before we got it, the land lords across the street, the words that seem unreal to the natural mind. The natural mind can not grasp such things. It is real.

That was a reminder to myself and the old website visitors, that have been coming and know about looking for location one, two, it was location 3, the old visitors know it was all about this, all along. Hard to think a year has come and gone. Now we hear of the H1N1 super virus coming over the boarder. The H1N1 has been made into a weapon, and so it is resistant to any vaccine, now coming over the border , what a plan, what a way to pull off this H1N1 super weapon, we will see, I read about this  man, the one that took the blood sample from a frozen body that had the black plague, he made it a bio-weapon, now, same man did the same with the not so bad H1N1, and where did that out break come from last time? Mexico, remember, now its back over the boarder, part of the 2014 prophecy stated a virus will kill many, it is on the land and will spread, all has come to pass, aside from the event in Israel, but that is heating up there fast.

So much going on, so many birth pains, and the economy is about to collapse, very soon, a war with China, and the fall of our once blessed country, I weep over the loss of our freedom, I weep over the coming fall. this is ordered by the lord, and other nations as well.

As always, if you know Jesus, if you are truly one of his, you have nothing to fear, the enemy tries the fear games every day, he assaults the mind, he tries everything , can I get an amen... (by the way, I hate when preachers do that, so a joke). Now the old post , leaving Zoar, an odd message, I feel in the message many will get something different from it. It is hands down, one of the most different messages the lord ever gave me, and has many sides to it, read it and see what it says to you.

 I did a rare thing, I took my pocket digital recorder and recorded the prayer, as I knew, many prophetic words would come forth and they did, I could never remember them all, it was my digital scribe, LOL.

 The lord kept telling me, my people are unwilling to leave Zora. The name Zora means small-little, like where we are, Zoar is now a religion mystical-new age, demonic thing.

The lord gave me the word, when the angles said leave now, run, we cannot destroy this place until you are safe. I was given a revelation on this, the lord has marching orders for us all, but many will not leave their Zoar, they refuse to leave all they have and move on, looking back will cause death, death in a marriage, in your mind, family and your spirit, we must learn to let go of all, it is fleeting. Jesus said, ‘store up treasures in heaven where nether moth, rust or a thief can still’, he also said, ‘have your treasure in heaven, for where your treasure is, there your heart will be’.

The lord told lot, leave to a mountain, get out of the valley, he pleaded to go to Zoar, he was given the OK, it is like this, the Proverbs say, ‘the slothful lay and do not go out, they say there is a lion in the road’, excuses, for staying in your safety nest, this must change in these days, the lord said, ‘I am waiting to place my people in various places, before I bring destruction, I can not do it until my people are safe, many are not, because they have not learned to let go of all’.

Lot said the mountains ,I will be killed, same thing, the lord said go to the mountain, but lot really did not want to go there, in fact he did not really want to leave Sodom, he lingered, and the angels had to grab his and his wife’s arms, to take them out, lot and his wife lingered, think about that, lingered. The lord said, many are lingering, they are going to Zoar, but I have said go to this, or that place’

 Well, in the end the perfect will of the lord was accomplished, Zoar was not a good place, and lot and his daughters escaped in fear, and they went to the mountain, the place the lord said to go to at first, but they chose Zoar, many have chosen Zoar, the lords secondary will, not his perfect will. The lord’s perfect will may not be what you expect, or want, it could also be far better than the Zoar you are at.

The lord said also during our acts CH 2 place as we worshiped, ‘the reason I choose this building, is because it is the last building in Zoar, a small place, the last building, what is ahead is change, and not zoar’. O' how I want to post the audio I recorded, but the lord said no, as we were given some personal words and very different instructions and marching orders than we thought. The lord is going to do a new thing, but will you know it when it comes? Not if your stuck in Zoar, not when you are settled with staying behind.

 In Revelations we read the N.T. Babylon, Rome, the lord says to his people, yes his people in the great trib, leave, at once, if not, you will be destroyed. If the lord says, leave Zoar, leave current Babylon, a type of Babylon America, not the Babylon, just as NWO is a type of Antichrist, not the Antichrist, like Hitler-Germany was a type. The lord said run, move on, get ready, I am about to change your whole life and ministry.

This Zoar, Yermo, 4.5 years and almost no one has accepted the lord, they come for food, and prayer and go after their meth, fact, not fiction.

They have rejected sound doctrine and the Holy Spirit, and the warnings, the lord said of a place, it will be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah than this city, why? They rejected the messiah. It hit me hard; Yermo will be under greater judgment than Sodom and Gomorrah, that is heavy.

I saw again the house with trees everywhere and the new Jerusalem vision, and same word, same vision, the lord said, ‘soon it will be time to leave Zoar, as my judgment will fall on all places that have rejected the word, that is most of America, he said go to the mountain, his perfect will.

‘ I am getting ready to blow this area wide open, and other places, so run, run, it is coming soon, and yet, many stay in Zoar, in Babylon and they will be destroyed, you have been warned and warned, yet few have truly listened and so, many will die in Zoar, and there is no need for it, it is not the lords will, so why settle for anything, but the lords perfect will? It is safety, familiar, many are afraid to move out of Zoar and into the fullness of the lord, they are too scared to let go of all, and leave all behind’.
Evangelist Danny Louis Abaldo D.Min, M.H. at 4:44 AM



  1. Great post bro , ��������xx

  2. Its all true amazing and was hard to put in words amazing truth love you brother UK wow a lot going o line USA man its hitting hard

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