BREAKING-Cyberattack goes global

Cyberattack goes global, hits companies in at least 10 countries worldwide -Breaking

Breaking, not again, more internet issues, back up your hard drive NOW. Most was directed at Russia, but it is spreading all over, and in the USA.

Published on Jun 27, 2017

A huge cyberattack has hit firms in at least 10 different countries – from India to the United States. It was first reported in Ukraine and Russia, which have been worst hit. Miguel Francis Santiago reports.


Serious when you know the numbers evil worships you can tell when , if, a event happens, I told my wife today when I saw the date-false flag, or event high today, anyone can do this research free mason numbers and you will see, not using mystical codes, and mathematics to get equations, aside from add numbers, it always works. So this is no surprise, another one was said to be coming out, this can not be it as the threat next wave would be global, if that will be that day . IF...........IF...We have a thousand If's so we do not lose our peace amen.