Broken Cadence. Vision, Word -Short-June 26, 2017

I saw a few hundred soldiers, I could see it was civil war dress and locations. I saw a many colored squad come in, out of no where-powerful well armed, they took out the ancient Power, the old power, the New.

This few hundred men I saw in battle Marching with drum and flute playing the cadence, but again the cadence was broken, all was till, at present as of June 26, I see its still-paused.

Meaning, Pause, a little more time, little time, grace, time, moire grace, as things one at a time fall apart., it stopped, all stopped, the space seemed an hour, and it started in color and it was not good, why, the ancient founding fathers doctrine, a republic lost long ago. ONLY by the will of Jehovah God, all judgment, all must get the Fathers PK our intercessor Jesus, takes all to the throne simply profound, we are hear, we stop, we move, we thank the lord for his word, no matter how hard it may be. LOL. and it looks like it is.

It is, World INC. Idols of incorporation and making billions on scams.

What I saw;

'The body of Christ in pause, and the cadence with each other is off, color, modern army, yes, it wipes out the less armed army. That is a give me. So, 'a little time, a moment, a short time, I tell you its on pause for certain things'.

I feel this is because the lord still has a Holy People in America.'

If Abraham could have found one, one person God would have spared it, so as Rev says flee Babylon-leave or partake in her sins ( Judgment) NT Rome is Rome.
ancients fled, civilizations fell, and others sprang up, history.

Always a coming out, many times in the O.T. Is was very location specific,' I see this last Second Exodus-USA falls and civil war on going'.
Dear Lord No, but it I feel this will be so.

Invading armies, under many colors-UN-?-.... well armed takes armies take over the location of the New Americas.

Any thoughts, add ons, words comment most is a mystery just flowing.