Thursday, June 22, 2017

I Am Posting About Both Schools, Not Easy With So Much Going On. 100% Free Bible College.

Well.....................the stats are still being shut down, pray for this, it has not become better, maybe a little, not much.

I asked the lord-'Lord what do I do, so much to do, what do I do', the lord spoke, 'do what you are doing, my will keep at it, my grace alone knows the day the lights go out, get busy living Dan or get busy dying.

I know all have heard from ministries, It is summer time , it is our lowest giving time, this is true, but I speak not of money.

I am talking about the fact I am being taken down, little by little. The College few folks, Herb blow out summer special, working the herb school so when they come all will be ready.

Almost zero emails. Summer, always the same. Pray for me, Peg this ministry and the schools.
I do not make a dime doing this, one gives to TMM every month, no one else, as a Dean of a college no salary, the herb school is a ministry but my prayer is many would come as I need to live and get somethings like you, all I ask is remember us this summer and pray the Christian Herb school takes off.

God teach me to say NO. Like the bible college , back when I tried a 25.00 administration fee, no one signed up. I caved in over and over and said forget just study , same with herb school have a few free and a couple brothers Dr Bob and Dr Charles did me a solid and signed up. Its slow, slow, slow, all sites, as said started may 19 and has never recovered and looks like it may not.

This summer keep us in your prayers and if you can send a love offering to help this ministry. I work 80plus Hours re studding some deep herb stuff and trying to get the word out on this, why? It is my prayer as long as we have left I can see the Herb school generate some funds so I also can live, eat, and have things needed.

Opps.......... spoke on with my head, So be it, need made known, and sign up for a school, college today. Time is limited, make the best of the time you have. Learn new skills, learn living off-grid if you needed to, in 2017, summer of chaos, or not, we have order out of chaos with our lord all is decent and in order.

The Herb School vid and the Bible College vid.

These are 100% free resources, the herb school has a summer special sign up for diploma get dip 2 with it, come on...LOL. What else can I do? Pray and wait as many of us, pray, and wait.

New Improved Video About The Christian Herbal School-100% Tuition Free

Published on Mar 8, 2017
There have been changes since my first video, lower price, and better and new things happening, take a listen.

The herb school link is

My Herbal Teaching blog link,

Email contact is,


Snail mail

Danny Abaldo
P.O. Box 532
Yermo Ca 92398

100% Free Accredited Bible College-Introduction-Dr Dan Abaldo

Published on Mar 13, 2017

This is a basic information video about the true 100% free Bible college.
Truth and Mercy Institute for Advanced Ministry Studies, based in Yermo Ca, USA.
The link to the college website visit, read the whole website so you know more before you apply.

The college website is at,

See Student-School Blog , you can read students papers. The link for this blog is at,

I hope to hear from you today, the lord bless you in Jesus name.

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