Pray For This Ministry- It, And All Websites, Under Wild Attack See Screen Pic

This all started on the 19th of May, I thought it was the 15th but looked and see it hit on the 19th May. The herb blog all sites I have my hand in are zero.

I read many others , mostly alternative investigators, truthers, preppers, herbalist, Christian, all under attack. I am reading this same thing is happening to many others , I mean a lot so I-we-the sites, are not alone and no paranoia, how can you be, the stats do not lie, nor, the exact date the 19Th- big give away.

It is the first wave at taking down the internet as we know it.

I have written on this for years and a lot of late as now we are seeing it.

Please see pics and pray, all is almost dead, no emails but a couple, emails in Junk should not be, not getting emails out, they come back, locked out of sites on and on, and on, it does weary you out.

Of late it feels like everyone is gone, almost no emails, the 100% free Bible College not one application a first , do not toss stones, it is beyond me and not a secret sin, or some foolish thing. I am not used to seeing 1-3 emails in 24 hours, this is telling me the lord is shifting us all to where we are to be and be doing much will be offline SOON, I see this clear in my mind and by what I see online.

Thank you and let us ALL battle on. 'The gates of hell shall not prevail', amen.

 I made the screen shots big so it will look odd, I want you to see it. The first one is the herb blog 8 hits what?


  1. Always praying for this wonderful ministry. Persecution is increasing daily.He is our defense. We shall not be moved! Love to all of you!


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