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This booklet is only 22 pages, wrote in 2013, when I read that, counted how long I have been in Yermo Ca, I came in June of 2009 I had no idea it has been that long amazing, time....

As you can see the Greek word is the same word that we get our word for
meteors, it is this word, a literally analogy of the doubtful mind, that is
tossed about, shaken like a reed, one that vacillates between two opinions,
James call's in Ch 1, being double minded, in Greek , it means as said, to
vacillate between two opinions.

We must deal with this by taking the lord at his word, standing by faith, no
matter what happens, if we doubt, Jame's says, “ let not that man-person think
he shall receive anything of the lord”.
We have all had times when we experienced an eclipse of faith, a
temporary losing it, being afraid, concerned, in anguish -perplexed, all of
us have, I have , and it was of no use, it only clouded the heavenly mind

For several years I have been giving by the lord, his word, this promise
over and over, yet things happened that made me think, ' Lord your not
doing your part, where are you, what happened, you promise in your
word, to give us food, clothing, now days include a roof over your head,
and yet even the most basic of needs , many time have gone unmet, I asked
why, lord I do not understand, it is your word'.

At the writing of this it is Dec 31 2013 when It was started, I do not know
how we will pay just the basic needs, as we still do not have a single dime.
So, what do you do when it looks like the most basic promises are falling to
the ground? I tell you now, I have made this a matter of prayer, shed
many, many tears over this, what I was taught is simply do not worry, no
matter what do not worry. I used to be a worry wart, a tad impatient with
things, highly motivated and active in the things of the lord.

The lord said to my heart, “ My son, you are in worry, I am with you, many
things I have allowed for a reason, stop trying to figure things out, trust in
me with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding ( Prov
3:5 ) I said to stop looking at the seen, look at the things that are not seen, I
am preparing you, and others in a hard boot camp for the task coming in
your life very soon, fear not, forge ahead, I am with you, I have you

That is a powerful word, and yet I said, “ Ok Lord, I give it all to you, no
more worry, no more heaviness, I roll it all on you, but could you please at
least, somehow keep me and my wife with food, clothing and a roof”?
I thought I was doing what the word said, “ seek ye first the kingdom of
God, and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you”.
What do you do, think, when they, these things, your basic needs go unmet
and you have no way to pay bills, or buy food or even T.P. I kid you not,
what do you do? This is what I learned and keep learning everyday.

The lord is with me, at times I am the one that moved, he has always been
there, it is my sin of unbelief at times, my worry, human weakness, I did
not pray as I should at times, when I was reading the word it was like just
lines that were blurred. Reader have you been there? Are you there now?
Do not listen to the Devil, your flesh, or people playing Job's counselors,
telling your doing something wrong, or are in a secret sin, I was, and am
not, a sinner saved by grace, yes, bad thoughts and hurt yes, but no things
as I was being told I was doing, and all this was going on without end,
because I did something so bad, I am now out of God's grace, this is 100%
of the devil, he kicks you when your down, it's spiritual warfare, plain and
simple. Do not heed what others say, if you know in your heart, there is no
secret sin, if you know your heart is right with the lord, if so, you reader,
are one of the people the lord has chosen to be a part in this end time
ministry and the fall of America and the economy. I have learned to
embrace this, understand it is God at work.

Accept your plot in life, look to the lord, as David Wilkerson often said, “
The hardest part about faith, is the last half an hour”

Do not give up, your being trained to contend with horsemen, not just the
footmen, as Jer. Says. Today the horsemen, meaning the hard, hard days,
and full Judgment has not come, YET, but be sure they are, and if your
going through things like this, your in the lords holy boot camp, you have a
call on you, it is the only way, we must be trained, just like a military boot
camp, our weapons are not carnal, they are spiritual, we are given the
word, the power of the Holy Spirit, the lords divine presence in pray and
great comfort and grace.

With every thorn that is not taken away, the lord gives grace to match it,
in our weakness the lord's strength is made perfect, complete, we just
submit to all of it, rest in he lord, understand waiting is hard, but it is not
the lord saying, 'No', he is saying, 'wait, I have more pruning and work to
do in your life'.

We can only make it in these hard days and what is coming by such hard
lessons, there are no seven steps to victory, seven secrets to getting all you
want in life, these type of books are everywhere, but they are lies, written
by wolves in sheep's clothing, that live in mansions and have millions, the
Christian T.V. Rock stars, that have only a false word, Peace, peace...than
cometh destruction.

If you stay with the word, not these teachings of men you will make it,but
it will be the narrow gate. It is easy to say seven steps to prosperity when
you make millions and live in a mansion, and by selling false doctrine
books like these, people fall for it, listen to it, but in the end you know it's a
lie, but you just helped that author pay for more things, more money to
keep their lie being pushed around the world.

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