A Prophecy September 27, 2017 A Word Of Exhortation and Encouragement

The lord says, 'My people it is time, today to take that leap of faith, do not fear of failing, I will be there to pick you up if you do, I am going before, providing what is needed to go deeper in your walk with me, more power, more grace, more faith, more boldness, confidence, I am who I say I am, I will not fail you, but you must take a step, than another, than take that leap of faith , it is unknown, it may seem scary, it is not familiar to you, this is why it takes faith in my word, faith in my abiding presence. Never take your eyes off me, fix your gaze on me, do not look just with your human eyes, but the eyes of faith, see what is not seen, do what seems impossible, it is time to start, the battle is on, it is time to take that leap into the unknown, no matter what, it is time to take your stand and make your move. Follow my direction I have given you, and simply do it, why are you waiting? What are you waiting for? Many of you know what you are to do, many know I have spoken a word into your heart, but you just sit, it is time to run, run the race, take that leap today, the hour is late, if you do not take me at my word and move by faith, and not fear, it will make things much harder in the days ahead.

I have warned you, I have confirmed things you asked me to, I have closed doors, you are confused about this, it is I who have closed the door, I am doing this to get your attention, your thinking the wrong way, looking at the wrong door, my door is open, I have opened the right door, but you are blinded to it, it is fear that has caused this blindness. I have given many my will, your assignment, but I am still waiting for you to walk into what I have called you to do.

You are late for the work I have called you to do, I am a loving lord, full of mercy and grace, but when I speak, I only ask you do what I say, it is not hard, new , yes, but not hard, I have made the way, just walk in it. The leap of faith, taking your walk to the next level, it must be done, why you ask, It is after, not before you take that leap of faith and land your foot on solid ground, it is than I will tell you what to do next. This is the way I work, one battle at a time, one step, one leap at a time, my word is a lamp to your feet, it is not a spot light, this is a walk of faith, you will not be able to go on into all I have called you to, many are like my servant of old, Gideon, as he hid, I called him a mighty man of valor, and today I am saying to my remnant, my people of valor, many are waiting till they know everything, every step, every decision, but this is not how I work, I told Abraham, to walk by faith, and he did, I am telling you my people walk by faith, take action, do not hide until you have the full pitcher, or revelation, as you go, I show, yes as you go, I show, if you do not go, I do not show, and so you think you are stuck, you are not, you just have not taken that first step, it starts with one step, you may feel timid at first, but each step you take, every leap of faith you take, it will grow, and only than will I show, you want me to show now, but you are not willing to go, it is time, it is time to take your walk to the next level."

This is the word of the lord.