Breaking a X-9 solar flare

Breaking a X-9 solar flare put your stuff in your Faraday cadge now. It is just wise in case .....I am not saying this will effect us do a dry run just be prudent.

An R3 (Strong) Radio Blackout occurred on 6 September from Region 2673 at 0910 UTC. Stay informed of the latest information and forecasts by continuing to visit our SWPC website. Looks like by the chart we have just witnessed an X-10 class solar flare just moments ago. NOAA has already posted an R3 Storm warning and radio blackout alert. Moments after Suspicious Observers posted his video the sun unleashed one of the largest CME's ever recorded. This was the 2nd of 2 X-class CME's today. Here is the primarily data as it's so new I am scrambling to get this news up first with this Carrington style event in the making. A significant geomagnetic storm caused by a very large X20 solar flare affected microchips and lead to the halt of Toronto’s stock market trading on August 16, 1989. The solar flare was stronger than the X15 flare recorded in March of the same year. That flare caused extremely intense auroras and a geomagnetic storm that lead to the collapse of Hydro-Qu├ębec's electricity transmission system. The strongest flares ever recorded.. This list is based in part on "Large Solar Flares Since 1976" compiled by IPS Radio & Space Services. The most recent entry (Sept. 6, 2017).

---------------------------------------------- Ranking Day/Month/Year X-Ray Class ---------------------------------------------- 1 04/11/2003 X28+ 2 02/04/2001 X20.0 2 16/08/1989 X20.0 3 28/10/2003 X17.2 4 07/09/2005 X17 5 06/03/1989 X15.0 5 11/07/1978 X15.0 6 15/04/2001 X14.4 7 24/04/1984 X13.0 7 19/10/1989 X13.0 8 15/12/1982 X12.9 9 06/06/1982 X12.0 9 01/06/1991 X12.0 9 04/06/1991 X12.0 9 06/06/1991 X12.0 9 11/06/1991 X12.0 9 15/06/1991 X12.0 10 17/12/1982 X10.1 10 20/05/1984 X10.1 11 29/10/2003 X10 11 25/01/1991 X10.0 11 09/06/1991 X10.0 12 09/07/1982 X 9.8 12 29/09/1989 X 9.8 13 22/03/1991 X 9.4 13 06/11/1997 X 9.4 14 24/05/1990 X 9.3 14 06/09/2017 X 9.3 15 05/12/2006 X 9.0 15 06/11/1980 X 9.0 15 02/11/1992 X 9.0

---------------------------------------------- back to From Wikipedia... The solar storm of 1859 (also known as the Carrington Event)[1] was a powerful geomagnetic solar storm during solar cycle 10 (1855–1867). A solar coronal mass ejection hit Earth's magnetosphere and induced one of the largest geomagnetic storms on record, September 1–2, 1859. The associated "white light flare" in the solar photosphere was observed and recorded by British astronomers Richard C. Carrington (1826–1875) and Richard Hodgson (1804–1872). Studies have shown that a solar storm of this magnitude occurring today would likely cause more widespread problems for a modern and technology-dependent society.[2][3] The solar storm of 2012 was of similar magnitude, but it passed Earth's orbit without striking the planet.[4] September 1 – This marks the start of FEMA’s annual “National Preparedness Month“. 

September 1 – The U.S. State Department’s ban on U.S. citizens traveling into North Korea goes into effect. Many are concerned that this is yet another sign that we are moving toward war with North Korea. September 11 – This will be the 16th anniversary of 9/11. September 20 – Rosh Hashanah begins at sunset. September 21 – The UN International Day Of Peace September 23 – This is the date of what has become known as “the Revelation 12 sign”. If you are not familiar with this alignment yet, this is a very brief scoop…

( I already exposed this and debunked this, man it is all over, good lord.)