My Last Post On THis Matter-This is NOT NIBIRU, the Red Dragon of Revelation 12!! September 23 2017!

Once again 100% sound doctrine, can you handle it?
The Red Dragon of Revelation 12 "Nibiru" that can be found in a blacked out area of Google Sky is another September 23 2017 false prophecy! In an attempt to make the September 23 2017 prophecy fit, people are claiming that Nibiru, Planet X, is the Red Dragon and that you can actually see it being hidden in Google Sky infrared mode.

This is another example of how people take are taking Revelation 12, the Woman, Child & Dragon out of context and coming up with bizarre and contrived theories about Nibiru being the Red Dragon, Virgo being the woman, and Jupiter being the child! Watch this video as we uncover what is behind the blacked out area of Google Sky... and why it won't matter when people find out what is hidden there!

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