September 23 2017 and the YouTube False Prophets!! Plus-Sept. 23rd 2017 Fake Prophecy in 2 minutes

 NOTE: It is a big part of this online ministry to reach the internet community, this is why I use You Tube videos, and sites pushing online false doctrine. As an online minister, I must know what is viral on the internet, so I use what I find and refute it. If I were doing offline Church work it would be different. I do get tired of things online, it is old news repeated, not what I would like to be doing, more face to face interactions. This is online ministry, so at times it must be concerning online things. You also find many detailed messages that will always be a big part of this ministry.

1. Proclaiming coming Judgment.

2. Rasing up a holy remnant

3. Christian preparedness.

4. Detailed teachings to help others to read messages, that can help instruct in sound doctrine.
That is-The four things you will find on this site.
Truth and Mercy Ministries online. By Gods grace may it never change.
Now the post.

The First Video I ever found that says exactly what I have been warning of for years, PTL. not all have fallen to apostasy, I found this one , I mean look at this site, I covered all this since 2012. I hope many hear this video it has a had good amount of views. The 2 min video is the truth as well, but this one is exactly what the word teaches and what I have warned about over and over, heed this truth beloved and the many posts I put up that deal with Virgo is not the Rev 12 sign way before this Sept 23 2017 look way back in 2012.

Many false prophets on YouTube are saying that September 23, 2017 the sign of Revelation 12 will appear in the sky and that the rapture, the Great Tribulation, or the end of the world could happen. Once more, the 23rd of September has become an important date for many who are speculating about the end times.

First Video the You Tuber says;

September 23 2017 and the YouTube False Prophets!!

There are already many videos saying that September 23rd of 2017 -there will be a sign in the heavens as mentioned in Revelation 12, by combining the constellations of Virgo and Leo plus three planets that will be close that day. In this video we expose some of the tactics and motivations behind all these speculations, and we call people once again into a sincere discipleship in obedience to the teachings of Jesus. 

The second shorter vid 2 min same truth.

Sept. 23rd 2017 Fake Prophecy in 2 minutes