The False Cistern of A Choreographed Church Service - Paul Washer -Under 2 min Sermon clip Powerful and Leonard Ravinhill

I have two sermon clips that I hope will serve in a holy way for those who are joining this Sabbath fast.
Listen to both , you will be spoken to.

Published on Aug 28, 2017

I see the preparation these people make for Sunday. I'm not talking about several hours of prayer. I'm talking about lights, music... everything is choreographed... and people come in and they get wrapped up in the event; and their strength comes from the events. That is wrong! It must come from Christ. - Paul Washer

 Most Broken & Powerful Leonard Ravenhill Preaching | Sermon Jam Compilation

First Read what some people wrote about this sermon in the comments section wow.. It is only a small part.

I listened to this sermon... and right where I was listening to the audio, I know 100% that God came down on that meeting... i can never forget the cries I heard... it terrified me! The presence of a Holy God is terrifying... the cries of the people moves me.... Lord have mercy on my poor soul... have mercy on us that we may see the reality of Eternity that is coming and this life on earth is a dressing room for Eternity... Do preachers like this still exist in our times?

I cry out for our nation for the church. People when you cry out for these things they will hate you. They will slander you they will say your crazy. They will tell you they have no need to repent!!! God my heart is broken for the Church in America. We have no glory of God oh but we have the glory of men!! No love for God the Word say if you hate your brother than you hate God. Help us oh God. Give us Holiness oh God give us Fire!! If you don't give it to me then I no longer want to live!!!! Where is Jesus where is the healing the deliverance oh Holy Ghost where are u? Give me Fire or take me home!!!!

And when you DO find a church that preaches like this, complete with conviction, they say you're too legalistic and we don't want to live that way.  The PEOPLE changed, not God.  "Jesus Christ the same, yesterday, today and forever."  I am saved for 45 years...I remember way back when churches WERE the way Bro. Ravenhill is preaching and what you are desiring in your comment, but today?  No one wants that anymore; they want the "pleasures of sin for a season" and to be "men pleasers" not God pleasers.