The Most Read Posts Of All Time Links, And Some most Controversial

I feel like I wanted to give the links to the messages, that have had the most reads, aside from the Ayin Series. Some are eye openers, apologetic- sound doctrine, bible difficulties, and what certain verses really mean. For your research and learning.
All The Post Links since 2011 On Plant X, Virgo, and More For Your Research

Gematria Exposed, Why Do So Many Christians Use This Evil Numbering System, And What Is It

Sacred Name Theology, The Fast Growing False Doctrine On the Net, Exposed

The R.F.I.D. Chip Is NOT The Mark Of The Beast 100% Proof

He Who Rules His Spirit, Is Better Than He That Takes A City, A word of encouragement To The Humble Prayer Warriors

WE ARE NOT IN THE TRIBULATION NOW And A Discernment Test- Also PT 2. On So Called Watchmen Like Steve Quayle
What The Verse Means, " As A man Thinketh, so He is", Ready For A Rude Awakening.