UPDATE-14th Largest Flare Ever Recorded, Largest in 12 Years-Plus A Word For You

Solid weather man, no conspiracy and fear porn, never, so if he is covering this and he is going out for supplies, I suggest you do that- NOW.

In this short video he says, 'he is going pout to get resupplies, how often do you hear me say that'?....He never does, so this weather man is top-notch and not a fear monger. That sets off alarms as he is 100% solid, space weather, and weather pro. 


I am not going the fear monger route as well.

This is wild and many will not believe me when I say this.

A couple days ago I was in study of the word and the small still voice brought a word to me, put the metal duck tape on the Faraday trash can and seal it up.

I would never, ever lie to anyone.

Just today I heard the X -9 flare, so I hit you tube to hear what this man had to say.
His work is always solid, and the best see for yourself.

OK, I do not know, as he does not know, if this will be a lights out situation.

Why would the lord speak to my heart and say tape up the Faraday cadge ?
The first thing that came to my mind, moments ago was this;

In the Bible we read in Job , Psalms,etc. the lord Jehovah God alone makes it rain or not rain. Man can now manipulate the weather. The USA Navy on their site said a while ago-USA Navy WE SHALL RULE THE WEATHER BY 2020. I think that was the date?
This tells us man can manipulate the weather.

The lord said in his word only He can make it rain not man, and now man can? Babylon as we are a type of, shakes its fist at God and says, 'look we can make it rain, or not rain, we are gods'.

I have long said, the lord would take down the current Babylon because it has become to advanced and is doing things the lord forbids humans to do. The lord would take down this god like technology and show he alone is the lord God almighty.

The lord will do things that will show the NWO is not in full charge. The NWO has been allowed, by the lord to do certain things, but the day is coming , and this event could, I say could, be such a thing, as man can not make sun flares, only God.
I was told long ago, 'while we see evil doing things the lord would arise and show the whole Earth events that only can be attributed to him, and this would scare evil to its core'.

At some point we will see the lord coming down in ways that only He Can.
It has only been by His grace that we are still going along as we are.
This could be such an event, if it is not, know this, grace is over to the nations. The believers and those who will become born-again always have the gifts of Grace.
Fires, flood, hurricanes, wars, and more, all at once in a short time frame. We have never witnessed such things so fast, back to back.

If this is a non -event, I tell you today such events as the fires in Montana , LA , the hurricanes is the lord showing us all we must be ready for anything. This is a gift of grace, a for warning to those that are awake, and those that know in their hearts, the lord is speaking to his bride of things to come.

David Wilkerson gave a word long ago, he said, 'Great events are coming, when, I do not know, but they will be all at once and even the most godly among us would tremble, but right after it would turn to praise, faith, confidence in the lord.(Paraphrase).

I have spent the last few weeks seeing what things I have that work, much no longer does, things I have are now expired , other things simply are cheap and do not even turn on.
I put my hands in the air and cried to the lord and said,'Lord I am not ready, I do not know what to do, so many things still needed esp. food supplies, medical supplies, herbs, I have so little, lord you know all and you will take care of us if there is one can of food on the shelf”. I do not know how, I just know I surrendered all, I cast all my fear and anxiety upon Him .

I was delivered from ALL my fears. Every one reading this can be free of all fears, or the bible is not true, it is the lord in you that makes this possible.

If this does not affect us, we see so many weather events, wars and rumors of war, any one would say, time to be serious and pray and seek the lord .

To be prudent right now, as I am writing this, I am charging things up and getting the Faraday cadge ready, I do not know if that trash can Faraday cadge will work, no one does. We just hope and pray that it does work, if we see an EMP from the lord, or man.

Of late I have felt TPTB would not play the EMP card, but an attack on the power grid, so they can fix it faster when they choose to do so. This just serves as a reminder the lord God can do anything he wants, and He alone could cause an EMP event and this would catch the NWO off guard.

I pray for you reader, my friends, I pray all these things happening will not cause you to lose your faith. I pray the lord gives us a little more time by grace to be ready.
WE can cry out, 'not yet lord' all we want, the lord knows what he will do, and we may feel we are not ready for such events, but again, by grace we will have what we have, what we do not have will one day be plunder, and by miracles we have never seen.

May the lords grace be on you beloved as we go into this month of September 2017.
May the lord grant you favor, grace, and a loving heart. The lord Jesus be with you amen.