NEW !! Something Strange is Happening in CALIFORNIA !!

I have watched videos and looked at pics in Ca St Napa the great wine area. The lord spoke to me this is a sign of Judgment. I once heard years ago a poll was taken , modern Jews, the question if you had another Exodus what are the top 5 items you would want to have, number 3 was wine, serious.

The bible-wine, new wine- speaks of Joy, happiness, even purity, the new wine. The great wine loss is the taking away of Joy, happiness and current and coming desolation.

This is not a full video of fires and floods like Jason A 's work, around the 10 min mark, the rest is an excellent message on types of doubting, very good and all sound doctrine, the message is worth a listen

The Two Preachers
Published on Oct 12, 2017

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