The Seemingly Insignificant Ones

I am posting Sparks devotion today. It confirmed something I just ran across with a person by email.

The person said, 'You need to sale books, have paid links, sale survival goods and more, get the word out, market, push and you will be provided for'.

Needless to say I wrote back and said, that is not what the lord has told me to do. Sale T'Shirts, Amazon Book links, Paid E-Books, network to sale survival goods.
God forbid, after 10 years online this ministry has never sold books, survival goods, Stickers, coffee mugs, etc.

Have I made even a meager income with all this work, NO, has the lord brought supporters and help, aside from two people NO. I am not asking for funds, I am saying, we can not measure success by how well known we become, how many thousands find our ministries, how much income we make, none of this.

I see so many sites, You Tube channels and wow, it's all about the money, it's all about how many subs and likes you get. I would to God we would look only to Gods approval and not mans.

A man made thing and not a God sized thing will never do it. The world is looking for a God sized thing, they have had it with programs and more man-made programs and strategies, this will never convert anyone.

Many missionaries, after years of work, never made one disciple, and some lost all they had, many came back to America broke. Did they do something wrong? NO!

WE can never measure the value of a ministry, a work of the lord, this side of glory.
Will any of this matter when the stuff hits the fan?
At times I felt I was making no impact for the lord online, but the lords small still voice has told me different, one heart at a time, it has always been this way and always will be.

Beloved, the seemingly smallest, no body's will be the ones that will rise in these hard times for Jesus Christ and do great exploits. The day of the unknowns is coming and is already happening. Sound doctrine, heaven, hell, repentance, will never gather great crowds. 'What if a man gains the whole world but loses his soul', what I am talking about is the eternal, the unseen, and yes... unseen by the masses.

Never give up the work of the lord he has given you, know this, your reward will be come, eternal life and in the very eternal presence of our King.

I get many college students that talk of great things, wanting a big ministry a big building, none of this matters, I always say, 'what is your standing with the lord, in secret'?
When the persecution comes and the Church is underground, you will not want to display your degree's, titles, nothing, it will be 100% different.

Some of you may feel you have such a small call, there is no such thing as a small call, every call is needed by the Bride of Christ, one day the leaders who have been trained in secret will rise to fulfill their call, and in that day, nothing will be small, in Gods eyes everything he has ordained will be great.

The simple act of giving a cup of water to the least of the saints, you will receive a Prophets reward.

I pray you are getting this reader, just obey, and give that cup of water, if that is all you have and another needs water or they die, what is insignificant about this? Nothing.

Now- what Sparks said in his devotion today.

*October 24*

/The disciples came to Him and asked, “Do You realize You offended
the Pharisees by what You just said?” Jesus replied, “Every plant
not planted by My heavenly Father will be uprooted.” (Matthew
15:12,13 NLT)/

Organized Christianity as it is today cannot understand anything that
is not organized, that is not advertised, that is not run. It must
have names that carry weight, that mean influence. If you can get
people with some title, you are going to have the guarantee of success
for your Christian enterprise.

And so the letters and the titles
strung on are a necessary requisite for the success of the Lord's
work. You must write it up in the press, you must give a report of it,
you must be able to make some kind of return that people can read, and
say, "This is a successful thing." If you cannot do that, the whole
thing is doomed to failure. They say, "You must advertise, you must
have publicity, you must organize, you must bring in all these things
to support it, to carry it on." If you did none of those; if you were
never heard of in the press; if you never had a report; if you never
had any names; if there was nothing at all that came out in a public
way for people to take account of, what is the verdict of organized
Christianity? "Nothing is being done. You are doing nothing. It is
a-hole-in-a-corner sort of thing."

Is that true? What must we say
about that? There was a striking absence of all that in the beginning,
and a marvelous manifestation of power, of progress, of effectiveness,
so that nothing could stand in the way. We must only conclude, we are
driven to this extremity, that the Lord can do His own work. Evidently
the risen Lord is able to carry on His own work; the Holy Ghost knows
how to manage things.

What a surprising discovery! Forgive my irony. I
say, this is that upon which Hebrews 12:26-28 is fixed. “I will
shake the earth and the heavens”; that which can be shaken will be
shaken; that which cannot be shaken will remain; and what is that? It
is what God has done. “Whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for
ever.” What God does is done in a spiritual way; it is spiritual, it
is heavenly, it is eternal.

That may leave you perhaps in a vague, perplexed position, not knowing
where you are, but I have no doubt about the truth of the message. If
you do not feel you can accept it; if you disagree; if you revolt; if
you feel it cuts clean across all your training, all your acceptance;
if you feel that it runs counter to all that you know, all I ask of
you is honesty with God.

I ask you to come and ask Him to open to you
the meaning of the letter to the Hebrews, why it was written, what its
significance is, why God has preserved it, what its application is
now. Have honest dealings with the Lord. Please do not go away hot in
spirit, antagonistic; do not lay this at the door of any man. At least
give God a chance.... May the Lord give us His own interpretation,
give us honesty of heart, and show us His meaning in having brought us
to this consideration.

By T. Austin-Sparks from: The Kingdom That Cannot be Shaken - Chapter