Waiting - Matt Chandler (Sermon Jam) 2;30 min Vid

Sermon: "A Theology of a Struggle" by Matt Chandler Music: "Quiet" by This Will Destroy You. Video typography work is by Refresh Ministries.

Beloved this spoke to me may it speak to you. The other day the lord gave me this exact same word by his small still voice a huge confirmation.

UPDATE: OCT 7, Meyers Devotion in E-Sword today confirmed the short video and message I was given on patience and waiting, amazing.

The lord when he does this is saying amen and amen, I want you and others to listen, learn, and apply this truth. Waiting is hard esp. when you feel something should have been done a week ago LOL. It's a truth, a hard truth, not now, wait, and so, we wait for the lord to do his thing, and not us to do our thing.

October 7

"And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patience of Christ."-- 2Th_3:5 (R.V.).

THE BELOVED disciple greets his companions as sharing "in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ" (Rev_1:9). It is a noble combination; as though the royalty of Christian character were in proportion to the share we have in the quiet waiting of our Lord. He waited patiently from all eternity, until the fullness of the times had come, and the hour of His Incarnation struck; He waited patiently for thirty years in Nazareth, whilst preparing for His life-work. When He returned in triumph to the Father, He sat down at His right hand until His enemies were made His footstool. Throughout the ages He quietly waits, in sure expectation of the destined end, when all rule and authority and power shall be put down. All the anguish of the world lies on His heart; every question as to the righteousness and equity of God is felt by Him. He bears all with unfaltering patience, because He sees the end, and knows that at the last God will be All in All. It is into this love and patience that we are to be led.

"Into the Love of God." Every time we dare to affirm that, notwithstanding appearances, God is Love; every time that we evince that love to others, even though our own heart is breaking; every time we say No to self and Yes to God, we make further progress into His Love. Dare to believe in the love of God, even when the darkness seems to veil it. Dare to believe that it is over all, and through all, and in all.

"'Into the patience of Christ." Let us exercise Christ's patience until the sorrows and trials of life have achieved their destined purpose. There is a sufficient explanation for the present condition of the world, if we knew it. Therefore, judge nothing before the time, but be of good cheer, and stablish your hearts, for your God will come and not keep silence. In the meanwhile let us keep the word of His patience, and manifest that patience and faith of the saints.

Most Blessed Lord, guide our wandering feet, we beseech Thee, into the love of God and into Thine own infinite patience. Forgive us that we have so often been impulsive and headstrong, that we have murmured against Thy apparent slowness in answering our prayers. Hush our unquiet hearts with Thine own peace. AMEN.