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From The Dean's Heart

We are still alive, the world did not end, we are not in the great tribulation, no one was taken away by the rapture. I have seen so many winds of doctrines come and go.

The world is being turned upside down, we are in wild days. Jesus said, Jn 9:4  I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work. . Beloved it is still day, we should be ministering until we can not, learning until we can not. How much longer? Only the lord knows, this I do know, with all the world events and hardship, it is still day, so let us work, let us learn, let us be in spiritual preparation. The college will keep doing what it does, this will only end when we have no internet, or another event happens, but until that time, we are still going forward,are you?

At present the college is still doing the ministry it has been called to do. I ask all, stay sound in doctrine, do not be carried away by every wind of doctrine that comes to you by Videos, websites and books.

The best defense against strange doctrines is study of the word of the lord.
The lord said he would never leave us nor forsake up. Jesus said, worry not about tomorrow. Jesus is still the same today, yesterday and forever, he changes not, we do.

I am lead by the Holy Spirit to write this short word. I can tell with online activity the pulse of the world. I know many have been in fear, every EQ is prophecy, this is the birth pains, it has happened a long time, we are coming into great change, but we must not fall way from the faith, nor let world affairs distract us from our holy duties.

I have read many emails, so many are almost paralyzed by fear, or are what I call, 'head in sand Christians'. We are to know what season we are in, but we do not look at every event, as in put equals out put, one causes fear the other faith.

I call all to turn the world upside down for Jesus, and not let the world turn you upside down, it is time to take our cities, countries, nations, villages for Jesus Christ. The call remains.

I know many have been distracted by complicated life's, needs and more, I know this because the time just past where I have always seen 100-200 applications, this is a first, I have only seen a dozen . This says a lot about the state of our world, more so, the state of internet Christianity.

I pray the time we have been given by grace, this 100% free Bible college will still reach the world, this will never change. Until the darkness comes when no man can minister.

The lord be with you all in these uncertain times, cling to the lord as never before, in holy spiritual preparation.
Now, let us move on into the call the lord has for us.

NOTE- OCT 17, 2017. I am seeing many, many people continue to come to the website , I mean a lot and of late very few applications, the college is undergoing some great changes, and new things, and its 100% free, what do you have to lose? I encourage you, take the step and apply .

Short Video About The College by Dr Dan Abaldo-Dean

Student testimony's from the college website. I am deeply humbled by the students words, the college and students speak for themselves, and its 100% free, no catch.

Testimonial Sept 24, 2017

Arnold T T Wilson
Today, 11:25 AMYou

To God be the glory for great things He has done and continues to do.
I am personally grateful to God Almighty for successfully completing
my doctorate study in Church Administration.

It was a wonderful experience studying with the Truth and Mercy
Institute of Advanced Ministry Studies. I found the courses to be
theologically , academically and philosophically challenging. The
theological and academical balances of the courses have given me the
added advantage to adequately teach, preach , and interpret God's
word. The Dean , Dr. Abaldo and my program professor , Dr. Odame- Anti
gave me the needed one-to-one assistance during my doctorate degree

Even though  the college is fully accredited , it is totally tuition
free. No hidden fees. Something that  is  highly unprecedented in the
academic world . With such  high quality courses, anyone who studies
at TMIAMS  , that person is bound to be fully equipped to teach, to
preach and to interpret God's word. I am highly blessed to be a pride
alumnus of this highly rated and life transforming Biblical College.
I have no doubt recommending this highly rated and fully accredited
College to anyone who is in search of  sound and quality theological

The Doctor of Church Administration degree program has made me to
become an exceptional Church Administrator and Manager. Thanks again
to Dr. Danny and his experienced staff for making my dream come to
May God Almighty bless us as we strive to build His kingdom here on earth.

Your humbled servant,

Dr.Arnold T.T.Wilson ,D.C. Adm. Monrovia, Liberia.

savoir inaya - May 14, 2017

Dear Sir, Happy Sunday sir. I write to stay in touch. First is I thank God, about our college, what God did in christian education mission work within the past two months. Our afternoon adult school which we turned to a bible seminary got approved as 'BIBLE RESEARCH INSTITUTE' by the Federal Govt. Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C) of Nigeria from Abuja. This is fed. govt. official body that MUST REGISTER all organizations, institutions and business in Nigeria! This was made possible as a result of Doctor of Ministry degree from Truth Mercy Institute of Advanced Ministry Study...! 'the C.A.C officials made us know that for any organization or institution to be registered as a 'RESEARCH INSTITUTE', one of the trustees must hold a doctorate degree in that field of study. Thus, our bible seminary name got approved courtesy of D. Min degree from this great institute! registration processes will be completed
In regards to Truth And Mercy Institute For Advanced Ministry Studies
It is a great blessing from the Lord to have found, and attended this ministry collage. I would like to start by saying the individual that chooses to enroll to this institute has some serious work ahead of them. But with the dean, Dr. Danny Abaldo, as a mentor, you will excel with your studies. Prior to my enrollment, besides attending local church service, and Bible study, I had no in dept, or additional education in the ministry.
So beginning here was a challenge for me, but with prayer, help from the dean (Dr. Abaldo), and hard work I have excelled through the Bachelor of Ministry, to the Masters of Ministry, and also through the Doctor of Ministry.
My education has come a very long way from the first day of studies. I had many questions, and feedback was needed, and given, for my school work, and all my questions answered by the dean personally, this has helped me immensely in my studies. Please do not think for a second that this is a degree mill, or some kind of “run-through college, because it is defiantly not ! Just to complete the Bachelor of Ministry degree, you will at a minimum have to at least write 31,000 words, yes this is not a typo, between all the segments of the Bachelor of Ministry degree, you will write thirty one thousand words, in the essays, and your thesis. Now this is all accomplish-able, but just don't think you will type a one page essay, and get a degree, if that was the case, would you even want a degree like that ? I know I would not. Here at Truth And Mercy Institute For Advanced Ministry Studies, you can began literately a layman in the study of Ministry, and, in time, and with hard work, achieve a Doctor Degree, or even a PHD, if that is your interest !
This collage is 100% Bible based, full Gospel, and deeply invested in the correct education of it's students. Don't think that is the end, with a wide variety of study options degrees available, you may just keep coming back, as I have.
Since completing the Doctor of Ministry, I am now a student of the Bachelor of Christian Counseling Degree. Plus Dean Abaldo also has a Christian Herbal Collage, which offers a 3 level Herbalist Diploma, I see myself having years of school ahead of me, and this is all by choice. ! Do not pass up on this opportunity to begin you education, continue your education, or expand your current education, at this Collage which has a firm foundation in Jesus Christ. No excuses, I work full time, plus have a wife, and children, and with all this I still achieved my Doctorate Degree. I am not bragging, I am just saying, “YOU CAN DO IT” !!!!!!!
With My Best Regards, Dr. Charles Novak Il St. USA

Dr. Abaldo,

I tried three times to finish college but being in ministry and having a family, I simply could not keep up with payments. I have been of the strong conviction that the Lord would not approve of me going into debt. Even now, school loan debt has outpaced credit card debt.

May I just say, thank you again for what you are doing? Over the years I have audited many course just to learn and fill in gaps in my knowledge.

Only today I took advantage of a free course in Genesis offered by [Name Redacted}. It took less than one complete session for me to bow out and offer the Lord a prayer of thanks that I had not spent thousands of dollars to attend one of these renown, "reputable" institutions.

In this very first session the professor of the Genesis course maintained that creation probably not literal, that the passage is "analogical" and how we cannot know the nature or duration of the creation.

For one who believes the Bible says what it means and means what it says, Truth and Mercy Institute is like spring water in a dry desert. I had to drop a quick letter to say how much your Institute is blessing me.

Peace in Christ,

Dave Reynolds-TN St USA

My life during the studies at Truth and Mercy Institute of Advanced Ministry Studies can be likened to a mushroom. Though it is weak, it springs up even through hard anthills in an amazing way. Do you know how? It is through God's enabling power.

Studying at this college is not an easy job. It needs discipline and sacrifice in order to complete the program. There is a hard working assignments. Unless you are serious you will accomplish nothing from this school.
Yet as the Lord enables a mushroom to spring up from a hard anthill, so He has seen me through all these. It is only by His Grace my graduation from this college was made possible. Praise Him!

I believe this college came into being not by accident, it was God's plan for its existence to equip His servants. Truth and Mercy Institute of advanced Ministry Studies is a better place to study because of the following two reasons:
First, the education provided there is qualitative to meet most of the needs facing us in our 21st century. In other words it scratches where it is itching.
Second, this college enables even poor people to come and get a qualitative education since it is a free College.
My life has been changed tremendously both spiritually and intellectually through this college.
Whoever does not believe what I am saying let him taste and see. Truth and Mercy Institute is a better place to be.

In Christ,
Elisha Ndema, PhD, D. min, graduate.

Mwanza, Tanzania, Africa

After I noticed that the good Lord had set me a side as a worker in His vineyard, I had this deep desire to know more about God but could not afford a fee for the college until my brother and friend Dr. Tonny Aluda who had benefited more under Dr. Danny Abaldo introduced me to the Truth and Mercy Institute of Advanced Ministry Studies, here I found a father, a mentor, encourage r and a friend who through thick and thin has transformed and affected my ministry and life with the great wisdom of God's word.

I therefore recommend the Truth and Mercy institute of Advanced Studies to any person who has the call of God and passion for the ministry and need a school with expertise to take you to the next level in ministry, kindly choose this school, and your life will never remain the same again.

Dr. Danny Abaldo, thanks a lot for being a faithful servant of the Lord by choosing to give hope to your generation, may God indeed bless you richly.
I am proud to be part of this great institute and will always pray and support it, shalom

Stephen Omeno Nandwa
Kenya,East Africa.

I was just using my diploma to them to show that if I can do it, they can do it. As you said, the seed as been planted. We shall see what they decide. Hoping that at least they will tell someone else and so forth. Just trying to send you more students when I have the opportunity to do so. You’re a great mentor and know what your talking about. Others would benefit from the school and your vast knowledge of The Bible. All I can do is show them the way, they will have to make the choice to do it.
I prayed last night that the school find more students and asked God to allow me to meet people that would like to seek more knowledge in theology and ministry.

I’m sure you were busy, you have two schools, family, students, ministry etc. to work on daily. I doubt you have much idle time. Ministry isn’t easy, in fact I would bet it is safe to safe it is probably than most subjects.  I’m excited to see the diploma In the mail, I know it takes time.

Ronnie Freeman B. Min TX USA October 30, 2014


Truth and Mercy Institute of Advanced Studies

Dr. Mwangi Maina

I recently completed my PhD at Truth and Mercy institute of Advanced Ministry Studies a long journey it was from B.M, M.S, and D.M, Ph.d Min

Truth and Mercy College is a fantastic college to study with. It is a very student friendly college, and my positive feelings about it mostly lay in its quality education offered at this college and the assistance given to the students by the Dean Dr. Danny Abaldo

Being a student at Truth and Mercy College, you will learn a lot, and you will like working with experienced people. The management of the School is the best, world-leading in Biblical studies. They have a strong global reputation.

When you are a student at Truth and Mercy College, you get a great deal of support. It’s important that you have a good relationship with the dean – I did, and got an amazing level of advice and support. As I mentioned, they are world leaders in their field, but cared about my work and my personal life. The dean was always interested about how I was doing as an international student, which was comforting.

The College has fantastic resources, offering access to everything you need for your degree such as library books which are offered for free.

When I initially thought of studying for my degree in the Ministry there were so many colleges that I came across on-line, however, I knew as soon as I saw the Truth and Mercy College on-line that this was the one for me little did I know that I had made the right decision. – It’s not just the college reputation, it’s a complete experience. The quality of education is fantastic. And the most amazing thing about this college is it’s a free tuition college, anybody with a calling to do Gods work can join and get equipped in their field.

I therefore recommend Truth and Mercy Institute of Advance Ministry Studies to any person who has the call of God with a passion for ministry and whose need is a School with the expertise to take you to the next academic level in ministry. Please join this school as you will never regret.

I take this opportunity to say thank you Truth and Mercy Institute of Advanced Ministry Studies, You have really transformed my life and have broaden my knowledge in the Christian faith. I am proud to be a part of this great school and my heart and my passion will never depart. Again I say thank you.

God bless Dr. Danny Abaldo who works tirelessly day and night to make this college a success.

Dr. Mwangi Maina

(Nairobi, Kenya, Africa)

This is a true testimonial from my heart, as a person that is interested in Church ministry I have seen it fit, necessary and very important for me to pursue further studies to advance my knowledge in ministry. As a result I began to search online for an accredited Bible Institute, I come in contact with a number of free online Institution which didn’t satisfied my need. As I continue my search I come in contact with Truth and Mercy Institute of Advanced Ministry Studies, I submit my application and receive a respond within a few hours of mine application. I was accepted as a student of the School to pursue my degree in Master of Ministry. I have found the Dean and founder of the School to be a very Loyal and dedicated person. One who has invested his time and his life in his student of which I am one of those recipient.

Since I have been enroll at Truth and Mercy Institute of Advanced Ministry Studies my life has been totally transformed and my knowledge in Church ministry has increase abundantly. I am very happy and delightful to have Dr. Danny Abaldo the Dean and founder of the School to be my teacher and mentor, his knowledge in theology is superb he is an effectual steward, one who does not only teach, but he elevate, motivate and inspired his scholars with great perspective of new hopes. When I came to the school I have no knowledge in the translation and pronunciation of Greek words but with the effective motivation of Dr. Danny Abaldo I receive an A+ for pronouncing the Greek alphabet, and I have now accomplish my degree in master of ministry and now pursuing my degree in D. Min. I owes it all to Dr Danny Abaldo a humble man of God who does not like to be praise as he stated that all praises belongeth unto God.

I therefore recommend Truth and Mercy Institute of Advance Ministry Studies to any person who have the call of God with a passion for ministry and needed a School with the expertise to take you to the next dimension in ministry. Please to take a hold of this school as you will never regret.

Again I want to say thank you Truth and Mercy Institute of Advanced Ministry Studies, You have transformed my life and have broaden my knowledge in the Christian faith. I am proud to be a part of this noble school and my heart and my passion will never depart. Again I say thank you.

rom Paul Ellington

Lot 279 Hope Flat

St. Andrew

Jamaica West Indies

Student of the class 2014

truth and mercy institute is a sound biblical school that equips its
students with practical Christianity. One will be effectively trained
for a dependable Christian ministry. It is a unique bible school with
a rigorous training that profoundly touches a minister's life. If you
are in dire need of a tuition free ministry training, I highly
recommend this bible school.
Zerai H Gebrehiwot, Ethiopia, Africa

I was searching for quite some time for a Bible college that would help me to grow, not just in regard to theological knowledge of God’s Word, but to grow as a man , as a true follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. Factual knowledge of the Holy Scriptures is important, and having a degree is not only verifiable proof of one’s commitment to studies but can become a gateway toward serving God within some established ministries. While I understand how important knowledge is in order to serve Him, just to have knowledge of the Word of God is incomplete. A knowledgeable minister would possibly make for a person who can teach the Bible, and even teach well. HOWEVER-as men and women who desire to serve God, how do we affect a world which is in rapid decay? How do we reach the lost? The answer is that we need something more than just Bible knowledge to minister God’s Truth and Mercy to this hurting world. That “something more” is found in Truth and Mercy Institute for Advanced Ministry Studies.  Dr. Dan Abaldo, the founder  and dean of this awesome and inspiring school has poured his many years of experience as an evangelist and minister of the Gospel, and in fact his very life into his students. Though this school comes to us with no financial obligation, I owe Dr. Dan a debt of gratitude which I can never pay, except to pass on what I have learned  at this school to those who need to know  our Savior.  Please join me and the others as we search the Scriptures and live the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Robert E. Bannister Jr M . Min Student And Now School Board Member, AR USA

“I was 5 classes away from my MBA from a well known American university when I decided to stop my studies and pursue my Masters of Ministry from The Truth and Mercy Institute of Advanced Ministry Studies.” I corresponded with Dr. Abaldo and found the program to be exactly what I was looking for and needed. Truth and Mercy's programs are set up in a manner to take in consideration previous ministry training and experience......it skips the “milk” and jumps to the “meat” of the subject matter but if you require the “milk” it covers that before going on to the “meat”. Also interesting is the fact that the courses are designed for self study and research. There are not books of predetermined, denominationally oriented knowledge but the classes require an earnest and sincere non-biased research and study of God's Word.

I received my Bachelors of Ministry and am now studying for my Masters of Ministry. Because of employment requirements and life's challenges I have slowed down my studies but you can complete the programs in a relatively short period of time.

Dr. Abaldo has a vast knowledge of ministry experience including street ministry, music ministry, ministry to the down trodden, but don't be mistaken he doesn't live in an ivory tower he has lived life and lives life where he ministers. He has experienced life as poor and needy, he relates well because he has been there. I have found him to be quite theologically sound for my Sovereign Grace Baptist background . I have found that his years of experience and insight shed a whole new “out of the traditional box” of thinking for me. His one on one interaction with you is delightful and insightful.

I urge anyone looking to improve their ministry walk to consider Truth and Mercy. The cost: nada, nothing, zilch......an outstanding Biblical education for free....What A Deal!!!! It is expensive to operate a Bible Institute whether brick and mortar or on-line. If you choose to study at Truth and Mercy please remember to support him and his work with your freewill offerings.

I know you will expand your ministry walk with your studies at The Truth and Mercy Institute of Advanced Ministry Studies. Call, email, or write today, it will do your heart good!

Doug Hankins


I was looking for a ministry school that would allow me to study at my own pace with a personal mentor! at Truth and Mercy Institute of Advanced Ministry Studies, I received more than that. A personal mentor who is not afraid of telling your strong points and weaknesses, he helped me realize that I could communicate by spoken word as well as written. This has helped me write three books and record several sermons and teachings.
If you are looking for a true life changing experience: Look no further than this!

Dr. Tonny Aluda Lugalia-Kenya, Africa (D.Min graduate and board member)

My  story is not just a story but I was lost and know I'm found. I was not always the role model I would like to be  but since I started at Truth and Mercy institute of advance studies I've learned to start each day with the best intentions to make a positive difference in peoples lives. This Institute  has shown me that hope is still alive and that I still posses the ability to prove that I'm human. I never thought of me as someone with a voice and I never thought that  anyone would be interested in my perspective of what the bible says. This institute has helped me to find my voice. I can now proudly say not another road Lord just stronger boots to keep me on the same road I am.
Thank you Truth and mercy institute of  advanced ministry Studies you were my light in my darkness.

Petrus Baai South Africa.

I am so happy I found this school on-line. I was looking for a school were I could get a religious degree, and found 'Truth and Mercy School of Advanced Ministry Studies'. Don't be Leary because this is a free school, you will get out of it what you put in. Doctor Danny Abaldo was with me by email during my studies for the Bachelors of Ministry degree. First he was there to answer any concerns and he stayed with me as a mentor. I found he was quick to respond to any questions.

It made me so proud that I made the Deans List, because I had not been in school for a number of years. You will not just be given your degree, you will have to work for it. I found it worth while and enjoyed my studies, while gaining a greater understanding of the Bible. I would recommend this school to anyone wanting to study for the ministry, or just wants to know more about the Holy Scriptures.

Thank you so much Dr. Abaldo

Danny Upton (Bachelors of Ministry) Oregon USA

Hello Dr. Dan

I just wanted to say hi, hope you an wife are doing OK. I wanted to let you know I have gotten a position at new church as the Children’ Ministry Coordinator. It is a part-time job for now, and I have to go through some Leadership Training and Women in Evangelism installation, just wanted to thank you.
My Master coupled with my Degree in Child Development and Education got me the job. Hope the college is growing and your are blessed. I was blessed by Truth and Mercy Bible College and water to share my news.

Love in Christ
MIchael Chavez USA M. Min


We had been looking for an online bible school. We came across truth and mercy school of advanced ministry studies. We were very happy to see this school. We saw it was an excellent school. The dean of the college is also a good man. He helps you through your school no matter who you are he will go all the way with you to help in whatever help you need. The college is good for someone who has a desire to write Christian literature. All who desire to be writers we encourage you to get into this school.

The dean will help all the way. So all who have a desire to go to Bible College I encourage you to attend this bible college, your life will never be the same again. If you want to advance in your writing skills and knowledge of the word and wisdom go to Truth and Mercy Institute, your life will never be the same and your ministry will never be same again.

I did my Bachelors Degree in Ministry up Doctorate level and my wife Tirelo did her Bachelors in Christian Counseling. We are still pursuing our studies with the same college I am doing my PHD in Ministry and she is doing her Masters in Christian Counseling.

So all who desire to advance their knowledge of the word should go to Truth and Mercy Institute and you will never be the same again. God bless you Dr Danny for the good work you are doing in this college. May the good Lord give you grace to endure and bring this school to where you want it be in Jesus Name.

  Pastor Dr. Isaac and Tirelo Ncana, Botswana Africa

Since the time I started my studies at Truth and Mercy Institute of Advanced Ministry Studies. I have come to understand that God has provided me with the best theological education ever. The founder and dean Dr Danny Abaldo has been instrumental in the training. He has helped me navigate the christian walk of life.

Dr Danny Abaldo is a spirit filled man who runs the college full of love, joy and happiness in what he does. Through my studies, I feel confident that I have all the theological experience and abilities that I have been searching for in life. Through him, I have discovered the strengths and abilities to meet each person in a unique way with an in-depth understanding of the bible.

This is indeed is a credible bible college one must attend. I have always found the courses to be helpful, relevant, thorough and challenging. I have been helped to grow in the grace and knowledge of the bible. This is one quality tuition free accredited bible college, one will always live to appreciate after the studies. The only one of its kind and Dr Danny Abaldo is just that man who will encourage and challenge you to live by bible Standards.

Tayali Mwendalubi Zambia, Africa- From B. Th , doing my D. Th

I started Truth and Mercy Institute with a certain amount of hesitation. I had searched for free or affordable religious degree programs and found the school by chance.  I am happy to tell you that I am 100% pleased and grateful for my experience with the Institute.  I first received my Bachelors, then my Master in Ministry.  It has been a wonderful, enriching, and positive experience. I have learned so much and was able to express what I learned on paper.  The documents you will receive are professional and attractive.  The Dean, Dr. Abaldo,  is a wonderful inspiration and Spirit filled teacher that will keep you motivated and truly cares about the students and their progress.  He has poured so much energy, time, and passion into the school it is not a wonder that is a phenomenal organization and experience. I am 110% happy I decided to give a chance and so proud of what I accomplished and learned all for God’s Glory! Amen !

Keep up the fantastic work Dr. Abaldo and the Board of Truth and Mercy Institute, you are helping people and changing lives!

Michele Chavez- Arizona

Truth and Mercy Institute is a school designed by God Himself to raise up christian leaders in the word who are sound in biblical knowledge and principles. The knowledge and skills I have acquired from truth and mercy is timeless.  The courses structures are the best and second to none. My  understanding in scripture study and interpretation is highly deepened, my preaching is not boring anymore, I minister with confidence,  through the skills I acquired from the institution. Truth and Mercy institute is a college I will recommend to any person who have the call of God and need sound biblical knowledge to catapult you unto the height God has destined for you. This is not a degree mill, you will work hard for your degree and come out on the other side with lots of knowledge you need for that great ministry. You will never regret you did!

Daniel Dadzie-Potsmouth U.K.

Dear Dr. Dan,
I received the docs, thank you!
I just wanted to send a letter of thanks to you for making this wonderful opportunity available.
Your Godly encouragement and guidance have helped me tremendously through my journey.
I appreciated you letting me know how to proceed with each course and giving me ways to correct any mistakes I made.
It was also comforting to know that whenever I had a question you would answer right away.  I also want to thank you for your enthusiasm -It is contagious. I can tell that you are genuinely interested in your students. May God bless you and Mrs. Abaldo abundantly, and I pray for the continued success of Truth and Mercy Institute.
In Christ,
Cecelia Pizzi  B. Th- NJ, USA

I am so happy I found this school online. I was looking for a school where I could
get a religious degree, and found 'Truth and Mercy School of Advanced Ministry
Studies'. Don't be Leary because this is a free school, you will get out of it what you
put in. Doctor Danny Abaldo was with me by email during my studies for the
Bachelors of Ministry degree. First he was there to answer any concerns and he
stayed with me as a mentor. I found he was quick to respond to any questions.
It made me so proud that I made the Deans List, because I had not been in
school for a number of years. You will not just be given your degree; you will have
to work for it. I found it worthwhile and enjoyed my studies, while gaining a
greater understanding of the Bible. I would recommend this school to anyone
wanting to study for the ministry, or just wants to know more about the Holy
Thank you so much Dr. Abaldo

Danny Upton (Bachelors of Ministry) Oregon USA