"Joy has nothing to do with material things, or with a man's outward
circumstance ... a man living in the lap of luxury can be wretched,
and a man in the depths of poverty can overflow with joy."
- William Barclay

"The world looks for happiness through self-assertion. The Christian
knows that joy is found in self-abandonment. 'If a man will let himself
be lost for My sake,' Jesus said, 'he will find his true self.'"
- Elisabeth Elliot

"Most of those who fail to experience the joy of the Lord have
refused to take up a cross!"
- Walter J. Chantry

"There is a joy which is not given to the ungodly, but to those who
love Thee for Thine own sake, whose joy Thou Thyself art. And this
is the happy life, to rejoice to Thee, of Thee, for Thee."
- Augustine

"A soul may be in as thriving a state when thirsting, seeking and
mourning after the Lord as when actually rejoicing in Him; as
much in earnest when fighting in the valley as when singing upon
the mount."
- John Newton

"After grief for sin there should be joy for forgiveness."
- A. W. Pink

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