No War With North Korea? Look At Venezuela

I had to post my feelings on and take concerning the NK war and ww3.

I do not feel we will see war with NK. I o not feel ww3 with start with NK, nor Iran, Iran a big maybe, I see Venezuela as the next invasion.
Like Iraq, Libya, same with Venezuela. No Nukes, worlds most oil and they stopped using petro dollar same as the past 2 wars , invasions I mentioned as well as Afghanistan, rich in resources.

Iran has always been o the table as the last Middle East country to invade, so a maybe but I see no war with China nor Russia at this point, could change, doubt it so, look to Venezuela.

The USA does not really want a war with the NK, hence China and Iran hence Russia.
China steps in settles down the issue, Iran will be long and on going. Jungle warfare not in NK but in jungles of Venezuela.
I feel this is from the lord. WE will see.
I just had to do this fast post concerning all the events and news.

I do not think many will agree, that is OK. It is what I FEEL I was given and what prudence and current history tells us.

NOTE : Nov 4th so we will see if anything starts with a civil war I do not think so, I do think, as I have said over and over, full martial law in a city first, one place and later spreads. They will take to the streets and if no false flags …...non event. Again we will see. I do see Major Chaos but nothing new.