No War With North Korea Pt 2 -I keep Getting This Word-And Feed My Sheep Series

And there shall be wars and rumors of war...

In Pt- 1 I wrote, '99.9% of all media alternative media included is saying war with NK is anytime'.

This is still at 99.9% , so this word is going against what almost everyone else is saying.
I know it looks like this war will happen , we have over 80,000 troops in the area, three of our largest aircraft carries, subs, B-52's and stealth bombers and who knows what else.

Mark my words we will see war soon, but not with NK. I feel deeply the lord is saying this, I am getting it over and over.

The number one possible area will be IRAN, second Venezuela.

China will step in and make a deal with NK, what I do not know, a regime change is what the USA wants, it could happen , but I doubt this will be the deal, but Chi9na will intervene and put a stop to the current NK antics.

The global economy has much to do with this. China needs the USA and so does other countries.

Its always about the money. TPTB will have a war and will have a new ISIS, not the same as they have been defeated by Russia and the Syrian army.

Another terrorist group will be the new enemy, or an old terrorist group revised and re used, have to have a boggy man terrorist group , this is always the case with the military industrial complex.

More war in the middle East this will escalate and continue, this I know.
The home grown terrorist is the spin to bring in massive Government control and massive new Gun Laws. In CA ST , they are passing yet another gun law, ammunition , you will very soon be only allowed to buy X amount of ammo rounds.

I do not have a fire arm, so this does not affect me, but it will many that have Guns.
WE are seeing regular people out doors, at the store and other places that seem to be losing it.

Today at the new super wal mart in Barstow a person got so mad over the small parking lot, as the larger and needed one is not ready, the man pulled out a knife on a women and in cam the Barstow P.D.
Large crowd came to the area and all were acting out. Now that I have a car, I am seeing this everywhere the highway included. Americans and others are literally losing it, many are in fear.

Program television movies, mass shootings and net work and alternative news giving the needed fear porn to the extreme.

Me and my wife witnessed and talked to a lot of people, I do this for Jesus and to talk and feel people out , what are they thinking, feeling, and its all FEAR.

We are in perilous times as Paul wrote. If you go out side in public anyone is a target.
Again this is a fear thing I have never seen before.

Jesus has a word to his bride, Hard times are on you, they are getting harder by the day, but I am still on the throne, I am still in charge, I am still all powerful, and so beloved we have no reason to have any fear. The fear of God yes, but not man who can kill the body and not touch the soul.

The lord says 'Peace, peace, have my peace and joy in you, and do not allow this world to change that. It is up to us to fix our eyes on Jesus, and shine for our lord. This is the order of the day and the life we strive to live, I am seeking the lord, I know all is about to crumble, but we will not crumble- IF- we stay close to our lord Jesus Christ.

It is time to draw near to the lord, talk to him, ask questions and ask for wisdom in these days we live in. I tell you today if you seek the lord, He will talk to you. Have a talk with the lord today beloved, He is just waiting for you to come.

Jer 33:3 -Amen