Are #Preppers And #Survivalists Paranoid -A Word And A Short Video

This is a re-post from the day before last year, nothing has changed do not give in yet , the great false hope is nothing more than a false hope. God is judging and it has not stopped.
Last night the lord gave me one word for 2018 Deceived, or deception we will see a big increase in this world wide. I will be doing a post on that.

 NOTE: I have been posting prepper vids and such, why? It is now time to start if you have not. If you know the season we are in, and you should, it is high time to stop saying prepping is not in the NT, that is 100% correct.

James and other epistle speak of wisdom, prudent, discerning, this would cover prepping as the natural thing to do Also. In bible days, and early America, people with farms harvested and than canned the product. The freezer was always full with meat slaughtered. IT was prepping for winter and waiting for next years harvest. Think of this. Also houses in tornado alley have basements, storm cellars, right? They had well water and were 100% ready for a long winter and spring.

It was the way of life. Only 5% of Americans live like that today. 95% of the population knows nothing of being prepared, or growing food, hours on a cell phone, texting and many do not see what the remnant-and preppers do. Judgement, hard days, ww3, total economic collapse are certain. No one is certain if an EMP, or attack on the grid, power out. If this happens, nothing electronic will work, that includes flashlight-batteries. Lanterns were the way, candles, the going back to being like a regular American.

Doing laundry by hand with a scrub board, those are the days we are headed for. If I did not warn you beloved, If I did not tell the truth I would be accountable, add Prophecy to this, and you are in the know. In prayer the small still voice, illumination, and being feed daily by the word of God.
So, I post yet another prep video, because this guy speaks the way it is. And gives comfort to those of us who are still called crazy, NO you are not crazy, your not losing your mind, you Know, that you know, you feel it deep in your soul. YOU are not crazy, you are not a fool, you are still a NT Christian with the added prudence needed.

Now his words and the short video

Published on Sep 23, 2016

Are Preppers And Survivalists Paranoid

It’s just another day like any other day. We work…, eat…, play…, sleep…, whatever it is that we do, we do it as if caught in a repeating loop on a daily basis.

Some of us do this unaware…, and thus undaunted, by the realities of what is going on in this world. But, some of us are awake and aware that multiple threats loom in the background like cockroaches watching from the shadows. Many of us that are awake make efforts to prepare for when things go bad. We call ourselves preppers, but those that are asleep or just sheep call us… crazy.

I suppose those that lost everything in the floods of Katrina weren’t crazy because they had no bug out plan. How about those affected by the 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Tanzania in September of 2016. Those that survived but had no plan probably wished they had something stockpiled somewhere else. A cache somewhere on a designated bug out route. Of course they are not the crazy ones. It’s the few that had a backpack full of supplies that were crazy. After all, natural disasters like that are only happen in the movies, right?
My point here is that if you are a prepper you are not crazy or paranoid. You are just considering and preparing for the possibility that something can and will in fact go wrong. You hope that nothing will go wrong, but you will be more prepared for it if it does. You will be more prepared than those that stand by and laugh while you’re learning to craft a bow from the branch of a hardwood tree, grow a garden and then can the harvest, or stockpile and train with guns and ammo.

In Matthew 24:6-8 Jesus said, “And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. 7For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. 8All these are the beginning of sorrows.”

Preppers know something is going to happen that has not yet been seen in the history of the world. Wether they believe what the Bible says or they just feel it in their gut, they know it will be apocalyptic and they at least want a fighting chance.

So, enjoy your life, your loved ones, your hobbies…, but prepare yourself for whatever may come so that you can hopefully survive it and continue to enjoy your life and your loved ones.

If you are one of those that mock preppers and survivalists, well… good luck.

I'm a prepper and I have fun creating lots of content. Some content is about prepping and survival, and some content is just about daily stuff.