FCC votes 3-2 to abolish #NetNeutrality-I Posted Many Times About This

It happened and it is NOT good. It will kill a lot of what I do online. 90% of what I do is online, so little guys and censuring is game on.

I said soon the internet will change as we know it, today it did, next the internet kill switch will be hit, No internet. This, I have wrote on, spoken on many, many times.
My little sites are dead and Christians will be censured, watch.

The death of the 100% free true internet is on today. I will have to see where this will effect what I do. My free bible college has many videos on you tube and the live mail I use, all of it can be greatly effected. It could also kill a lot of what I do online.
Internet research and certain sites will be throttled. I have already been seeing this a while now. 

This site has been bottle necked(throttled) almost a year, meaning a 80% reduction in visits. 

Pray for this ministry and others online that we have time to do what we are called to do. 

PS, by the way Trump is all for this. Hmmm. The white house spokes person said the white-house supports this but......no but if they support it. 

I posted strange things started as I saw it last Dec 2016 see that post.

 It has started The Free Internet Is Gone NOW SEE.
Saturday, December 10, 2016


911 situation, soon much of this site, my others on blog spot will have many, many times the UN will take down a posts get ready. I saw this, warned of it and now it is on us. It was no conspiracy the internet was handed over to UN control OCT 1, 2016 it did not take long to start.

So far, and it has just started, they found one blog, one, but that means a machine, person, deleted it. You can file, but why? you lose UN against the In internet.I do not know what the future holds for me with blog spot, to bad spent 7 years on some growing them.

Lastly you must keep the HTTP and can not even get a domain see at end will post new screen shots.

I posted on the site the screen shot of the UN and HTTP rules. I am not clear on it all. They first hit the student blog for the college, but found one post -gone, now when they get to TMM main site ...well, say goodbye to many posts and maybe the site
God kept saying off line, these attacks are coming a ministry shift in a different, God called gear and direction. look at this.

Blogger blog take down notification-I See Posts Taken Now-Big Fall Of Internet-UN-Global Controlled, as of Oct 1,2016

 We all thought it would take a month or more before they made changes-It started DEC end of NOV, now wow, everywhere I go. Sadly soon many posts on this site will be gone, blocked, I looked they did block one single blog post, on the student-school blog a laugh its all the work of the students.

I do not know how much longer many sites will be up as they are today. I do a lot of on-line, so I know.
Blogs, websites, free and paid all being messed with, man. How much longer, always said a free internet will be down first, next a way, collapse whatever.