The Prophetic Weather Man Winter Outlook For 2018

I have a very long standing , sort of joke. I have been posting these almost every year, most of the time I just email them to my few beloved ones I email and Skype with. I told them, now I will post public.

Its odd how every year these are correct, not prophetic, just a feeling. I have always had a feeling about weather, and for years have given my OWN Farmers almanac LOL.

Locations unknown, but in locations the winter of 2018 will go down in history in places as the worse winter on record.

Last year many places broke records it will be the same, but worse , I mean very bad in areas. If you live in a place that gets cold, has snow, be alert to the fact you will need warm stuff to put on and inside your place. Have back up heat, anything, power will be out to 100's of thousands so do winter preps and for extreme weather events like big winter tornadoes, happened last year this year worse, sorry but that is what I have to give.

Wild floods in areas and all these weather events and super storms this year 2018 will break all records in areas.

Have a blessed and safe winter.