The internet – January 22, 2018 Word In Due Time-Plus 2 Old Sermons

I was talking today about a couple old  sermons on 'Internet Christianity'.
Poor quality videos, but This came up this very day, and I just saw this post that is a confirmation.

The 2 videos to see I refer to are

Internet Christianity Sermon;

Published on Jun 24, 2013
This is a hard word, a truth, what Internet Christianity is, has become, we are not to be a part of the truth movement, fear mongers etc. we are to fear the lord, not man, not rumors or conspiracy's, false watchmen, false doctrine , extra biblical books like Enoch and others, the bible is enough, we need sanity, sound doctrine, and we will experience the divine presence of our lord.

Desperation For A New Revelation

Published on Jul 11, 2013
In this sermon we learn the many new revelations, false doctrines, that are embraced by the Church, we need to get back to holiness, back to the holy bible, and get a fresh revelation of Jesus Christ and the cross.

Check these old sermon out, now word in due time confirmation.

 The internet can be used for good or bad. It will cause many to end up at the wrong end destination if they do not wake up and realize it before it might be too late. Many are deceived and in darkness because of the internet. They believe everything they read and hear for truth.

They have accepted lies for truth. If you seek Truth you will find Truth. I Guide into all Truth and no one else. Yield to My Spirit. Many believe that when they search the internet that they will find answers that will lead them to Eternal Life. They are deceived and in darkness because they do not know Me for real, the One whom it is all about. Many only know about Me from reading and from hearing from others on the internet but they have no personal relationship with Me.

Their priorities are not right. They search the internet but refuse to seek Me for themselves. I Am The Life Giver. I will say to many in that Day, go away from Me your workers of iniquity. Do not be one of them. Get your priorities right and work hard on your own personal relationship with Me. If you diligently seek Me with a sincere heart you will find Me. I Am always available and Faithful.

I Reward those who seek Me. Nobody else can do it for you. It is your own responsibility. Seek Me until you find Me. Do not let the internet cause you to perish in the end because you were not serious about Me. I will decide your fate. Seek Me while you are able and have the opportunity. Do not let satan use the internet to get you distracted and away from Me. Draw near to Me and I will draw near to you. I Love and I Care for you. Let Me be your First Love and Love nothing more than Me.