Deception -My Views On Trumps First Year As President-A Warning

I sent this word to only a few people, I had no peace about posting this public, when I read the news- Trump wants a military parade- July 4th, I knew I had to post this word.

The Lord gave me one word for 2018 discernment, discern.
I had a new message ready, I looked on Youtube as It came to my mind I had a very old 15 min video on this topic and this post from 2011.
The years have passed so fast.
The word was a 100% lack of discernment among evangelicals that think President Trump is like the second coming, all will be restored and a sort of dystopia that many feels are a reality is no more than a con job.

I have taught many years on all the winds of doctrine. This new false hope that America will be great again, cannot happen why? America has not come into a great awakening, nothing short of a national great awakening to truth, would be the need if we were to be great again.

This is a false hope, many have fallen for it. The same military industrial complex and so-called deep state are doing very well. The NDAA was signed the same day the Tax bill was signed, the patriot act, enhanced cyber security and more boots on the ground worldwide. 100% different from what was promised.
Fake news? It has always been fake, nothing has changed.

Martial law will be applauded think of that deception. Many are following a man blindly and not a thing has changed, a false hope, the greatest deception in modern political history has conned millions.

The scary part is so many evangelicals and so-called alt news are ALL falling for, and pushing this new false agenda. This is a false hope, Christians are falling for it. So-called prophecy's concerning trump are 100% bogus, blind leaders, of the blind.

I am 100% neutral, not alt left or alt-right, I can not stand politics, but this masterful move by the NEW WORLD Order is working.

A great deception, this shows me how easy people would fall for the Antichrist and false doctrine.
If anyone else signed the NDAA act alt media would have spoken loud. I have tried via many, many comments concerning these things not one person will address any of it, how can you defend something that is a truth. The NDAA, Patriot act,. DC metro Act, Do you know what was in this transportation act? It allows DC, Maryland and Virginia, the following, anyone can enter anyone's house for any reason in these 3 places.

I commented on this and most said no big deal its only 3 places...I just said what the!!!
It would matter if it was one city let alone the Capital and two states, do the research, look it up, if you do the research you will see this is all true.

FEMA camps are still being built, Evil and darkness permeates our nation.
Look, it is not about a man, no one man, its all about Jesus. I waited, looked and followed all this stuff being passed and no big alternative media said a word NO ONE, aside from We are Change, Nathan lea from watchmen on the wall, NO ONE Else, that is scary and show how great this current deception is.
The lowest unemployment, not true, millions of new Jobs, not true.
All the bills Obama signed and the Bushes, Trump said he wanted the USA to sale billions in military goods around the globe, wars all over, this is the military-industrial complex in your face.

I knew something was very wrong on Inauguration day, Trump requested in the inauguration parade to have military Vehicles in the Parade, no other president in history ever asked, or wanted this. That is Communism and dictatorial rule in your face. This request was turned down, think of it, the inauguration parade with military vehicles in it, wake up folks that alone should have sent out a big red flag.

NOTE New News-Trump now want a military parade on July 4th will it happen I do not know, but a year later same thing and scary

Next, did you know the whole George Soros thing, evil, yes, but get this. When Trump was building a big project in Chicago, he was 45 million or so short guess who gave him the money? Soros, later Soros said do not worry about paying me back. What can you say to that? A favor for a favor.

Henry Kissinger had a few meetings with Trump and one was a so-called he dropped by the white house to give advice. Kissinger said he felt the élite had a real possibility by Trump, that a new global order could be possible? Holy cow.

Another huge thing many have not said a word about. The campaign trail, Trump was asked several times who he admired, who he feels he can say is a person he listens to, he said the name of the present Chairman of the CFR. Again, many say nothing, CFR, this once again would have been all over alternative media. This shows us most alternative media is what I always said it was, one big lie. Alex Jones others would have said a lot, but no, not a word. This tells me these persons are in on the scam.

Another thing alt media would have jumped all over, the federalization of the police. Trump gave and is giving the police more modern military goods than any other president. This is yet another step in the coming crowd control and martial law.

The new enhanced cybersecurity bill is spying on every single person, all in the name of fighting terrorism.

New enhanced interrogation far more than waterboarding, this is 100% against the Geneva Convention.

He glamorizing of the Military, the old Roman empire did this.

Next Saudi Arabia, they and the USA created ISIS, funded them. The Saudis Promised billions of dollars in military aid. This is another huge deal. Did you see the pic of the Saudi leader and Trump laying hands on an orb? It is called the new world order, or world order globe, look for the pic, that is another big deal;.

We are back in Syria funding Isis and other terrorist groups.

Trump is a Scottish Free Mason.

He is a man with no Morales, we have never had a president that owned casinos, strip clubs, multiple marriages and sex without marriage, and yet Evangelicals say he is Gods chosen vessel to bring in a time of prosperity and greatness. Reverse the curse is a popular evangelical tagline for Trump.

Next, the last Bilderberg meeting held in Virginia USA, Trump had 4, yes 4 people from his circle at that, again alt media would have been all over that. To attend Bilderberg and be in current politics is illegal, but not a word.

You think Trump and the Clinton's are mortal enemies, President Bill Clinton begged him to run against his wife...true try and find it, have fun, most research cannot be done due to internet censuring even in searches, I know it is what I do. Many truths cannot be found anywhere.

Next. The Simpson always correct how? In around 2000 had an episode the date 2017 Trump was the Prez, I posted this before.

I did not plan on even posting this, it's just pouring out of me why? It matters not who is in the oval office, there is no such thing as two parties all know they are one and the same, a dog a pony show nothing more.

I live in a military town. I have asked hundreds over the year, do you support Trump, get ready 80% said NO, not what we lead to think, many said I, we do not want to be glamorized and we do not want to keep getting shipped out for war, and more war.

The latest is Troops in Yemen, why Yemen? Saudi Arabia is mortal enemy's with Yemen of the place, Saudis say Iran has shot two ICBM's at them, so you see it's a proxy war with Iran and others as the Saudis want.
Two ICBM's were shot at Arabia but to say hands down it was Iran, is a false flag, one ICBM was shot at S.A. airport but was intercepted, Trump was in the area at the time...

Next-At his first UN talk, he said we must liberate the people of Venezuela.
Venezuela has more oil than any other country, no nukes. The reason this was said, recently Venezuelan, said it was no longer going to use the petrol dollar. They gave the bird to the IMF. Guess who else did this and we heard we must go and liberate the poor oppressed nations? Iraq and Libya. I posted next would be Venezuela and not N.K. Iran is at the top and Venezuela next watch and see.

I have first-hand knowledge of the N.K. And S.K issue. Dr. John Birley is on our free college board he lives in S.K. I asked are the S.K. People freaking out, doing drills and having riots, he said NO. It is not happening, in fact, most S.K. Want a new unified Korea and they like to see Kim NK leader stick it to the USA. Most S.K DR John said do not like the USA.

He also said, no one is afraid in S.K, all we see on network news is a lie, he said, no one is going in bunkers, life is as it always has been. It's simply not true.
I posted we will see now are with NK, but China is our enemy the USA says, but Iran and Venezuela is where things will heat up, esp ongoing in the middle east.

So, these are just a few facts no one will cover, our nation is under Judgment, nothing has changed, Deception, a separating of the people, so TPTB will know without a doubt who to put on the list of people they would want to rid the USA from.

I used to have a document that showed the progression of the Fall of Rome and the current USA. Everything on the list we have done the same.

When a nation is under Judgment, see the O.T. Every time, do you know what was the first thing God judge, got rid of, made weak? The military, scary but true. This means the USA military might will soon look like women in travail. Next wars, famine, Pestilence always.

Listen, everything is not OK, a false economic surge comes before the collapse starting with hyperinflation.

I know this post will make me no readers, I will be trolled on and attacked. I will not die for anything but Jesus, I will not give my life to any of this, or the coming second civil war. 100% neutral. Never neutral in the gospel, amen.

Recall what was posted by David Ravinhill He said all truth concerning the morality of Trump. The lack of any morality is a shame, I agree.

The link to what Ravinhill said is at this link,

NOTE-I decided to paste in the Post by Ravinhill, you can see, even if you think Trump is doing great things, is ordained of God, character in a leader maters, Ravinhills message was all on character, so take this into consideration

  David Ravenhill: Donald Trump Is a Deceiver-Leonard Ravinhills Son
I did not know until today about Leonard Ravinhills son. I read he worked with David Wilkerson in the Teen Challenge ministry in its Starting days long ago. This post he did was shocking to me on many levels wow.
His Sons site just like his father.

NOTE: The lord has spoken to me and said, I must pray for those in leadership, this is not always easy, I never prayed for Obama, so its hard, but it is the bible, we have no choice.

Sticking a thermometer under a person's tongue will soon reveal whether or not they are running a fever. This is certainly the case with a large segment of evangelical believers. The political thermometer has clearly shown that many are suffering from a serious case of "Trump fever."

How the body of Christ caught this deadly fever can only be attributed to the fact that it has an incredibly weak immune system that makes it susceptible to this type of deception.

I, like many of my friends, am not only stunned but worried that such a con artist could be taken so seriously. The closest parallel to this type of paranoia was when God's people were given the chance to decide between Jesus and Barabbas. Tragically they chose the con artist! What is even more frightening is that when the day comes to choose between Christ and the Antichrist, many will wholeheartedly choose the Antichrist. Did you know that according to Webster's 1828 edition dictionary, one of the definitions for trump means 'to deceive'?

Let's face it. Trump is no evangelical. He proudly acknowledged that he had no need of God's forgiveness. Yet Trump has traded his trophy wives like a boy trading baseball cards. His foul mouth would make a seasoned sailor blush with shame, while his pride makes the devil proud to call him his son.

His pride more than anything else is what makes him unfit for the highest office of the land. Nebuchadnezzar himself would look downright humble in comparison to Trump. God tells us in no uncertain terms that He will resist the proud. Why then would evangelicals be in favor of supporting a president whom God is going to oppose every day that he is in office? Nothing is more offensive to God than pride!

When God foresaw that Israel would one day demand a king, He set certain conditions in place for the selection of any future potential king (Deut. 17:14-20). The first requirement was that they were not to appoint a foreigner over themselves.

The Bible clearly states that a foreigner was anyone who was uncircumcised. This is clearly the case with Trump who repeatedly reminds us that his heart and lips are anything but circumcised. The next requirement was that their king was to refrain from multiplying horses for himself. Horses are a type of man's self-sufficiency and self-dependency.

Trump repeatedly lets his audience know what great things he has accomplished and how he plans to "Make America Great Again." God further stipulated that their leader was not to multiply wives for himself. Once again Trump has proven his inability to keep his marriage covenant and rule over his own fleshly passions. God also required of the king that he was not to multiply gold for himself.

This "root of all evil" is why Trump disregards the rights of the poor by seizing their property in favor of his lust for fame and fortune. Finally, God stated that the king was to write a copy of these requirements for himself and that he was to read it daily, "that his heart may not be lifted up."

God's wisdom is clearly evident throughout this law. The king must rule internally before he has the right to rule externally. Trump is known throughout the world for his unrestrained cravings after the girls, gold and glory. Therefore his inability to overcome these godly requirements should disqualify him, in the eyes of God's people, from ever holding office.

Following Israel's demand for a king, like the nations around them, Samuel repeatedly warned them that if a man with unrestrained passion and ambition became their king, Israel would suffer greatly at his hands (1 Sam. 8:9-22).

I call on all those in leadership to let their people know that Trump will guarantee the demise of our nation if he is elected. God promised in His Word that He would tear down the house of the proud (Prov. 15:25). Once again, God's people face a choice as to whom to choose, just keep in mind, Trump means "to deceive."

David Ravenhill has served the Lord for more than 40 years as a missionary, pastor, teacher and itinerant minister, having worked with the late evangelist David Wilkerson, Youth With A Mission, pastor Mike Bickle and the late evangelist Steve Hill. He is the author of several books, including For God's Sake, Grow Up! and Welcome Home.

Back to the current post;

I am posting this message, not for any political reason, but because I see so many Christians and Patriots are in a scary deep deception. It is all deception.

A false hope. Many think everything is great and have let their guard down, it is time to have discernment and be ready, things are on us and coming, it will be one thing and another.

It is time to pick up your bible and pray. Be in watching, look into these matters and understand its all deception, thus the word for 2018 deception- deceived.

Dear lord does not ease up, do not let your guard down. The Remnant will be persecuted, but we will always be on Earth, a scattered people, but we are there.

The stock market has nothing to do with the true economy. Many are still jobless, in very hard financial times. The USA is being torn apart, this is by design. It will be ugly, bloody and history will repeat as always.

The Lord has given his real people time, this may be one reason Trump was a gift from God and the only reason. Use the time we have left doing what God has called you to do.
In my own life, many miracles have been happening. The Lord said years ago when I see the things going on right now, understand the collapse of the world as we know it is right behind it.

Again it's not so much politics, its deception being handed out in news and politics. The old saying never talks about religion or politics if you want to stay on the good side of people you talk to.

Come to the place where you care not want man thinks of you, but God, all else is sinking sand.

Deception, Gods people are blind and will be caught unaware.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge with no vision the people perish.

Sermon a famine of the word, (whatever happened to discernment, cure, and cause)

Isa 29:10 For Jehovah hath poured out upon you the spirit of deep sleep, and hath closed your eyes, the prophets; and your heads, the seers, hath he covered.

Isa 29:11 And all vision is become unto you as the words of a book that is sealed, which men deliver to one that is learned, saying, Read this, I pray thee; and he saith, I cannot, for it is sealed:

Isa 29:12 and the book is delivered to him that is not learned, saying, Read this, I pray thee; and he saith, I am not learned.

Isa 29:13 And the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw nigh unto me, and with their mouth and with their lips to honor me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear of me is a commandment of men which hath been taught them;

A lack of knowledge destroys, a lack of knowledge produces a lack of discernment and is critical in these last days, yet I see this as a new modern plague of the Christian, in the worldly churches, allowing and falling for any new doctrine to come down the Pike, and people just say amen without any discernment, Paul said to the Corinthians when one stands and Prophesy's let the others sit and judge, Oh I thought we were not to Judge, well the word means discern, weigh, judge, a word from God, a sermon a post like this, never take anyone's word for it, see if you find it in the word, be a Berian, oh how we need the spirit of the Berians upon us as never before.

I see one of the main crises in the church and individual, is a total lack of discernment, it is everywhere. I know, many old friends, co-workers in ministry, ministers all have fallen and are gone, destroyed for the lack of not discerning what they were getting into. and the result.

They fall away, and now, no longer seek God and when they try in the flesh are not able to as the word is now sealed as Isaiah says.

Isa 29:11 And all vision is become unto you as the words of a book that is sealed, which men deliver to one that is learned, saying, Read this, I pray thee; and he saith, I cannot, for it is sealed:

All vision, the word, the true word, is become sealed, the prophet and seers are in deep sleep and have not been on watch, keeping sober, watching. Individuals need to ask all over what does this word mean, and you should be getting words from the Lord to you directly as the Holy Spirit, the spirit of truth, all prophecy should be a confirmation, not a revelation, if it is an unknown revelation run, and repent, wake, be watchful, sober unto prayer.

By now many of you should be teachers, but you need to be re-taught, you need milk and cannot handle solid food, meat, this should not be the case.We are too, and should progress in wisdom and knowledge every day as we defend the faith, how can we defend what we do not know?
Say a lawyer is called to defend an innocent client and has not seen the clients file, the man will hang, you must know the case.

Our lawyer and advocate is Jesus Christ, He sent the Spirit to be our teacher, guide, comforter, but so many have relied on a leader, a pastor, teacher, they do not feed on the word of God, and take all they hear as Gospel truth and end up spiritually bankrupt, OH' saints, this must change, discernment is desperately needed, with all the false doctrine, the worldly church, we need a fresh, new, yet, orthodox anointing, and we need it fast.

Jesus said in the last days, many false prophets and false messiahs would arise and lead many astray, this is happening and the great falling away has begun and many do not even know how far they have fallen from their first love and orthodox Christianity.

So the true prophets were dumbfounded, asleep at the wheel, the seers saw nothing and so the laity could not understand, and so the sealed word was passed to the lowest rank of mankind the unlearned and they could not understand. Now the laity and ministers are equal, we all have the spirit, in 1 Jn John says, ye know all things beloved and have no need of any man to teach you. We need preachers, Evangelist, watchmen, but the word is number one, and we all have the spirit of truth if we use it. Gone are the days of anyone needed an go between you and the Lord, we have access to the secret place, and are promised we would be taught by the Spirit of truth. John was all alone on Patmos, and it was there he was given the Book of Revelations, not by a teaching or doctrine of man, but a revelation from the Lord, this is what is needed and what the verse means, that you do not have to have a man teach you, IF you are being taught by the Spirit, John goes on to say, beloved, ye have no need for any man to teach you, because ye know ALL THINGS, this is the way it should be. No one lit. knows all things, what John is saying is you have the mind of Christ, the spirit of Truth to lead you into all truth. In the N.T. days, people feed on the oral Apostles teachings and letters, those letters became our beloved bible. This is not a call to be in rebellion, nor to be unteachable, for we need to be instructed, but by holy, trusted vessels that preach and teach truth and not doctrines of men.

Truly we are in a famine not of bread, but the word, the famine of bread is coming right behind it, if the church does not awake and get in the spirit, it will utterly fall when hard times come.

As I said in my free e-book what is coming to America starting in March 2011 Gods Judgment is coming to America and will increase between March and May and it did, look at the floods the seed was not sown, look at the facts of global crop failure and nuke disasters, this was written before March 11, 20 11 the Japan EQ that has poisoned our land, crops and the like, also other things took place as you can read on my blog. America will no longer be a sovereign country but absorbed by the global order, the stage is set and God has said, I have held off my judgment for so long, but behold-
I will withhold back no longer, and you will know it is I, in 2011 my judgment is starting in the house of God. It is October as I write and speak this, and the book has been out a few months and what a start to March it was, an economic collapse is coming and we will be in a great depression soon, dear saint, he who has ears, let him hear what the spirit is saying.

In the text I used noticed, the word of the Lord became sealed, the learned and the unlearned simply could not understand it, the bible basics seem to be sealed and it is a crisis, as mankind has rejected the sound doctrines, from the bible, and now, they are so blinded, by choice, so confused, by choice, so steeped in false doctrine, by choice, now to many, the very simple truth of the word is sealed to them, this will continue as the great falling away continues, it will not get any better, we need a renewal, and weep, repent and get back to the word of God and prayer as never before, the hour is late, and the Christian must have biblical discernment, but how can you have it with a dust covered bible, and what you feed on is all false teaching on T.V. the net, what ever happened to discernment saint of the Lord, Turn off the T.V. Fast from many sites you visit, not this one LOL. at least on this humble blog, you will get sound Bible teaching and in detail, as you see, but the wild and strange things turn them all off, and get your discernment back you will need it now more than ever as we are coming into a time of great global deception.

I posted a short video that will sum-ate the matter, I hope you take the time to watch this, The Lord bless you and thank you for reading and thank-you for your time, now get into the word 24/7.

This word was the word for 2011 as it was given me 2018 it is 100% worse. Odd many years pass and many things have become worse. The simple word, message needs to be repeated


  1. Standing in agreement with you brother. The deception and darkness are increasing daily.The American church has become lukewarm and getting cooler. Many folks cannot see that we are in judgement. We are definitely in the last of the end days. I hope that you and your family are well. Praying daily for all of you. SM

  2. SUE long time yes thank you for your comment will get a lot of hate for this, so be it Had to warn of deception 2018 will start with a bang March-April and 2018 summer of hell.

  3. But this same Trump is been used of God to restore the Temple of Jerusalem by making it the capital of Isreal.Trump is God's sent and God ordained.

    1. Trump is going to help restore the temple? OK wow, wake up beloved deception is on all I read. re read the facts know bible prophecy . Lord bless you think as you want freedom of religion and speech. Stay close to the lord 2 proverbs I give.

      Pro 22:3 A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.

      Pro 22:21 That I might make thee know the certainty of the words of truth; that thou mightest answer the words of truth to them that send unto thee?
      Be Prudent you have read the truth from a humble Watchmen

  4. To a large extent Trump is doing the will of God in trying to bring revival into America and glorify God.Pls let's get right facts and figures.I believe He is God's sent,looking at what I have seen and known about him.His disposition before his electoral victory and after, carries positive messages.I think he is reviving America in a positive way but there are pressures on him to do the negative.No matter what,he can't be compared to the demonic,satanic and evil Obama who sold himself to Illuminati and encouraged nations to support gay marriage and promoted Islamic activities across the world.Mind you,note that Obama and Hillary Clintin are together in the satanic kingdom and if she had won,the world would have been plunged fully into the hands of satan.I believe in Trump and I'm trusting God for a glorious and successful tenure of his Leadership and Government.It is not about public choice but God's choice.And his electoral presidential victory reflected it.

  5. Your comment is like many I have read it is the reason this was posted. Re Read the facts, re read what ravinhill said, character matters. in time you will remember this post it will not be long until you find out the true watchmen and the false ones. Lord bless you


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