ThePost 2420- One Thing That Makes A Christian Shine Is Humility-re post

I see what people are reading, this is how I find old messages, many times I know the lord says re post a message. We learn by being reminded of things esp. basics by repeating.

Peter wrote, " I know you know these things beloved, but I stir up your remembrance of them". This is the way it works. If you look at every sermon, teaching, you will ALWAYS FIND, the Two Things that can be said in a nutshell, 1. Prayer, 2. Bible Study, it's always the same, almost all messages, the antidote is these two things. I am certain many of you see this also and stay, 'OK I need to pray, I need to read the Bible, I heard that before, and its all I see as the way out, the way to overcome anything'.It is so simple, and we are reminded almost daily why? The lord works on us daily, sanctification is daily.

Have any addiction, pray, have a worry read the promises, need healing pray, need anything, pray, read, claim the promises of God.

I have found this attribute to be a wonderful flower in full bloom with a holy scent to it.

Humility is simply, holiness, beauty, attractive, patient with others, patient with ourselves, and most of all it is Christ-like.

Now the post from 2014

Mat 18:1 At the same time came the disciples unto Jesus, saying, Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?

Mat 18:2 And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them,

Mat 18:3 And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Mat 18:4 Whosoever, therefore, shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.


Removing Stumbling-Blocks


Our Lord's transfiguration suggested that the time to take up His Kingdom was near, and the Apostles began to arrange their plans. The Master, therefore, used a child for His text and preached a sermon on humility. We must not be childish, but childlike. See 1Co_13:11. The beauty of a little child is its unconsciousness, humility, simplicity, and faith. Christ's kingdom abounds with the rare blending of the warrior and the child. See 2Ki_5:14. God’s best gifts are placed, not on a high shelf for us to reach up to, but on a low one to which we must stoop.

An offense is anything that makes the path of a holy and useful life more difficult for others. Be sure, in all your actions, to consider the weaker ones who are watching and following you. “Father,” said a boy, “take the safe path; I am coming.” A man, whose arm was caught in a machine, saved his boy from being drawn in by severing the arm with a hatchet. All that hurts us or others, however precious, must be severed.

I love that, we must not be childless, but childlike. This is the message. We are not simpletons, we have the mind of Christ, we have revelation, the presence of the lord, wisdom, study, no we are meek, but as the word says, be wise as serpents, and, or, meek as doves, yes the children of the lord are to be prudent, wise, seek wisdom in Godly fear.

PRIDE is the dreaded thing that caused Lucifer's fall, it comes before a persons fall, Pride cometh before the fall. The Lord hates pride, he will not allow it for us. If anyone reading this thinks they are something, take heed, lest ye fall. We are not worms, but we are wise as serpents, we are to be bold as lions, warfare in spirit, is for the training of men and women to mature. Humility is the mark of the Christ in us, the risen savior.

Godly fear, holy trembling, holiness are the same, we must be in reverence and awe of the lord, not in fear of lighting boltz if we are truly his. Humble, gentle, loving, but bold, but if we are not humble we are done, and if we are not like a child in trusting faith we are also done.

I am deeply moved by humble people, so much Pride in America and the world, pride, sticking pride, it is smoke in the lord's nostrils. We are to be in humbleness. many are not. Preachers, teachers, those in leadership, are anything but humble, I am not talking dumbed down, we are to seek wisdom, but we will be growing until death. Not one of us will ever be able to say, " I have arrived"

Paul's thorn in the flesh was to keep him from being puffed up, it was kept for humility, the word is clear about this. Got a thorn? It may be the thing that will keep you humble until you see the Lord face to face, the thorns are needed, esp. for ones who have many gifts, talents, abilities, revelations true, not false insight, it is a people who are in most need of the thorn, the rose has a thorn, it is a symbol of the lord, the fragrance, beauty, and blood, it is only because of the blood of Jesus we are his, and we had nothing to do with it.

While every good and perfect gift is Good and from our loving Father God, we must understand esp. those that are leaders, teachers, we fall under the greater condemnation, meaning judgment, accountability, yet many want rose peddles tossed to the floor as they walk by, in the heart they seek praise from man, they want to be greeted in the marketplace as Pastor, reverend, Evangelist, Etc. Pharisees, they are still in the Church and behind many pulpits and it stinks. It can be seen, it is easy to tell a tree by its fruit, and the fruit is one that is full of patience, love, kindness, humility and such if you are fallen your fragrance is gone, your blood covering is gone, but it can be changed in Humble prayer today.

I think one has to face many things to be made ready, it takes more than a bible degree, it takes the school of Christ, it takes being in his image, not ours, not mans, the ten year plan man, I call ministers who are in it for a vocation, a paycheck, with no compassion, no grace, no humility.

They will face a holy God one day and then they will be undone, the horror will hit, look be like the child, understand the father heart of the lord, full of mercy, compassion, but if you have pride know this, soon your house of cards will fall, as pride cometh before the fall, but what will be your end? what will be your case at the judgment seat, toys, things, what? humility, childlike faith, that will be the greatest in heaven. amen.

You may not be called to stand behind a pulpit, but do you carry a soapbox? By that I mean, the kind of person that is always right, no matter what you say, you can give link after link, document after document, 100 proofs, but they laugh and in pride, for that is what it is, only they are right, all the time. You probably know a few folks like that, it drives me crazy, and you as well. It is like, 'wow, what does it take for this person to just admit, they are wrong"?

Ones who are never wrong, are ones in pride, it speaks very loud, they know it all. This is not humility, also they are marked with a large dose of no compassion on anyone. Know anyone like that? This is what I mean, I love humble people, it is a joy to be a humble person, is it not?

Think on this