Happy New Year March Month One To Jehovah

Exodus 12:2 This month shall be to you the head of the months; to you it shall be the first of the months of the year.

Hebrew rendering of verse

This first month is in March and April, it is at different times because calculations were made for the 19 day lunar cycle, but Jehovah God said to Moses the is Month one, so I go with what the lord said and not ,mans changing the time.

Sept. is used as first is the civil calendar, so what does this mean why am I posting this?
In the West we go by our pagan Calendar , just we are in the West and so we go by that. Prophecy has to do with Israel much more than us Gentiles.

I have seen a trend and so this is not Prophecy.
This month is when the lucifarians the dark side always pulls soothing, or the lord does something, whatever it is, it will have something to do with a Judgment, be it a natural disaster. March 11 remember it was the first day of the start of March the holy time, its timing was the lunar change but the great EQ and nuke in japan melt down was and is still messing up the world.

A full moon means nothing, but it is a full moon and it is great looking.
So, mark my words March will start the great chaos I have been writing about, we will see.

 Listen read, Look at this day as a new day for you, a new start, a new joy, a new holiness, all things have become new, 'I no longer look behind but ahead' is what we should all do.

Happy New Year