My 38th Weeding Anniversary The Gift That Keeps Giving-plus A Song I wrote

The 15th March. Hard to believe it has been 38 years, me and my wife Peggy have known each other 39 years.

We will be out of town until Monday, a good get away from Yermo.

I was looking up what thew gift for 38 years is, it is as follows, but we choose something different.

38th Wedding Anniversary. The modern gift given on the 38th anniversary is beryl and tourmaline. Beryl is said to increase and preserve married love which makes it an excellent anniversary gift. There are many varieties of the mineral beryl including emerald, aquamarine and morganite.

I have always loved Gems as a rock hound.

WE both talked and decided to go to a dollar store and get a set of ear plugs LOL. Hay I want to see 39 years, this gift is good insurance.

A song I wrote a while ago for my wife below.

Video description I wrote;

A message on marriage, anyone married, or who ever was will relate, the song deals with going from that first kiss to years later the big fights and yelling spells. It moves on to looking back at the way it was, and ends with how the lord is and was our only hope in marriage and he was our first love and He gave us our first kiss at birth. 



  1. Happy Belated Anniversary!. May you have a blessed time on your time away!


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