Why Donald Why? President Trump Betrayal, Signs Disastrous Spending Bill!

Some things to come the lord has put in my heart.
This is strong warning and things to come the lord has put in my heart.

I must first say the following.
This site has given many warnings considering trump.

I was reading many Trump followers and even they are NOW starting to talk negative of this Cesar.
Now what?

John Bolton-national security advisory. Look into this man, not good.
Mike Pompey-Secretary of State-Look into this man another war hawk and not good at all.

I can go on and on. The war drums have never been so loud as they are now, In my spirit its a true red alert war is very close.
I gave a word saying starting in March many events, and man they have been happening at lighting speed.

Summer is still going to be the summer from Hell.
I warn you read today, many things we have never seen will happen this year.
God has given over our nation and the hedge of protection is down. Every day we have wit power, funds, life as we know it is a gift from our lord. This is about to end. Are you ready?

2018 -the year many must flee where they are. I tell you today this is from the lord, make your move.
Have a plan B,
Meaning if your staying, or plan to move on it will very soon be to late, so you must be ready where you are- today, this may be the place you will be stuck.

Get your house in order.
Judgment began in the house of God, now its on the nations.

The USA Militarily might will fall like a women in travail. This is ALWAYS the first judgment in the O.T., look it up. The military might of a Judged country is always what goes down first, always.

We will see war before an economic collapse.

Iran-Middle East-number 1
Venezuela I said would be also invaded maybe before or same time as the middle east-number 2
Civil war?-in between.

No war with N.K. I have said this many times.
It is time to fall on your face before the lord, repent, get right and serious with our lord. Repent, repent all is at hand. Beloved please get on your face and serious with our lord.

Now the short video.

BY Stefan Molyneux-I do not endorse all this person says he is not Christian but a very smart person.

President Donald Trump has signed the $1,300,000,000,000, 2,232-page Omnibus Spending Bill despite massive opposition from the overwhelming majority of his supporters. President Trump expressed his dislike for the bill, but claimed that the increase in U.S. military spending was so important that it offset the massive debt, funding of Planned Parenthood, lack of limitations on funding sanctuary cities and not funding the promised border wall between the United States and Mexico