A New Website For The 100% Tuition Free Bible College

Same Web Address, 100% make over.


A New Website For The 100% Tuition Free Bible College

Still 100% Free.

The new college website was just published, it is 100% different.

An X student, that will soon be back to do her Dr. Degree with her husband. 
Maria R.
Had to delete bio for business reasons well informed women 

Maria Riley from day one said, she could do a good job, I was hesitant at first, but wow all I can say is wow, take a look, it's amazing and still free on Weebly. I have had others try but never worked out. This is a different ball game. 

On the site you can fill out the application on the website and read the catalog on the website, also added on the herb school you can fill out the application on the website, this will make things a lot easier 

The college honestly is not lacking any students, it is still seeing record-breaking applications. I said, 'Please no promotion, it's already more than I can handle and so much to do'. The Theology Dept being redone 100%, the BCC and MCC degrees being redone, a lot of new things, 'for such a time as this'.

This is still a mission outreach, no one makes a dime, that is why I asked all to buy the new required book;

The Other Side of Psalm 23 Paperback – April 2, 2018, by Alan Schmitt (Author)

The author, now a close friend, and my Pastor is giving a % to the college, it is a need so we can add more things.

I will be doing a new video very soon on YT about the changes.

I still can not get over the fact that with so much happening worldwide, people are applying for a college...well, I will do it until I can not, we can not close the doors because of the crazy wild days we are in.

There is a part that may confuse some people, let me explain.

Maria knows a lot more than I do, she said show the equivalent cost of such a school and say as a time-sensitive issue- Now-taking applications- tuition-free, savvy, so, do not be confused it is all still 100% tuition-free, one book required and that is it.

Of late, re doing degrees, and record students I almost have no time for anything else. I strike where the iron is hot, at times it's the Bible college, a website, a video, other times another website and the Herb school, the herb school is all but dead at present, but it could change.

I have a promo for the herb school good until May 20th God willing. Send in a 500-word essay what you would do with diploma one free, no administration fee, 100% free, 2 free students will be taken. 
 Christian Tuition Free Herb School link ,

Send you 500 word essay to

I have been stuck inside in the past 2 weeks we have had 3 and currently 5 straight days of high winds, it's like being snowed in, sand all over the place, but gives me time to work this site the college and living life inside LOL. A very long winter, even where I am. Do not look forward to the heat, it will be coming soon.

Take a look at the college website and tell me what you think.

A thank you to my few regular readers that have bought the great little book on Psalms 23, I was honored to do the forward to it.

Back to the grind LOL.

The website is at,