Invasion Of The Body Snatchers A Must Hear 1 Hr. Audio Sermon


This message The Holy Spirit lit came in and down, in a way I have never experienced in the thousands of sermons I have preached in my life, It is a hard word, that turned into, around middle to the end, a free flow, weeping anguish of the Holy Spirit, to the body of Christ and its cold heart towards others.

The message is hands down the very best, most anointed sermon I have ever posted on YT. This message is an audio only, sorry, and almost 1 hour, but what an hour, a plea after the sermon, a true NOW word, and the Spirit was anguishing through me in a way I was not familiar with, it was truly a God thing, I know out of all the messages I have posted this one must be heard, it will be heard , the lord said it was for a very few that would stay with it and hear exactly what the NOW word of the lord has to say to hearts, its on sound doctrine at first and turns into love, all love, but in a very, very different way, listen to the Spirits cry to His body, this sermon changed me, I repented, wept, and was renewed after the word. If it did that to the preacher, what could it do to you?

Note;This message is from 2013. I listened to it after long time, the lord said re post.
I have been working in new audios and videos. I have had recording issues non ending of late. I am getting things fixed and ready for many more videos and audios to come.

I know very few will listen to a video sermon, let alone a 1 hour audio.

WE live in a fast paced word. many do not take the time to watch, or listen to the word of the lord anymore, most want a 3 paragraph devotion...well sorry, I will. be posting more for the one hearts that will listen and be blessed.

This message was 100% free flow, the holy spirit was speaking through me, it is more real today, and a need for today than it ever was. I know when I am speaking, and when the lord is speaking, most of this is the Holy Spirit pleading a word to his people