Main Stream Media Pushing A Shooting in Barstow And East Out Smarts West WW3

No justice, no peace’: Barstow residents rally to honor slain man, protest police shooting


By Paola Baker
Staff Writer
Posted Apr 10, 2018 at 12:01 AM Updated Apr 10, 2018 at 11:03 PM
BARSTOW — Residents frustrated with the lack of answers following a fatal police shooting here took to the streets to both honor the slain man and protest the alleged brutality that took his life.

A crowd of about 80 to 100 took part in a march Tuesday afternoon in memory of the man shot and killed by Barstow Police Department officers at the Super Walmart here last week.
Police said the man — identified as Barstow native Diante “Butchie” Yarber by family and friends — was a suspect in a stolen vehicle case when they responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle, a black Mustang, at the store on April 5.

The shooting occurred after Yarber, who authorities say was the driver of the Mustang, reportedly slammed into two patrol vehicles as he ignored repeated commands from officers.
There was a woman and three men, including Yarber, inside the Mustang. Officials said the woman and one other man both suffered gunshot wounds, while the third man was detained by police.

Both wounded suspects were taken to trauma centers for treatment. Since then, no other details have been released by either Barstow Police or the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, which is now investigating the officer-involved shooting.

The lack of answers has led to a simmering frustration for Yarber’s family and loved ones, which boiled over Tuesday as they, along with many others, gathered to march on his behalf.
Donning T-shirts emblazoned with pictures of Yarber’s and carrying signs that said “Justice for Butchie,” the group first gathered at the parking lot of the Food 4 Less store on Virginia Way to prepare for the march along Barstow Road to City Hall, also home of the Barstow Police Department.

In a fiery speech, local Navy veteran and activist Wendy Jackson outlined what the aims of Tuesday’s protest were.
We are here to say, ‘Stop killing us!’” Jackson said, addressing the Barstow Police Department. “Your job is to arrest us and bring us before the people. So we are saying, we want justice — we want justice and we want peace, but stop killing us in the streets.”
The group then began its march to City Hall. Barstow Police units were on hand as traffic was temporarily stalled at a busy intersection as protesters marched toward their destination.

The police department respects the citizens’ right to express their first amendment rights,” Capt. Andrew Espinoza said.
Yet for many at the demonstration, the response was lacking. Many spoke about their anger at the perceived injustice of the shooting and the lack of explanation behind it.
No justice, no peace!” the crowd exclaimed as they arrived at the doors of the Barstow Police Department.

Jackson compared Yarber’s death to the deaths of several African-American men across the country at the hands of police while questioning the motives behind it.
How is it that a young black man shoplifting, or selling cigarettes, or supposedly in a stolen vehicle is shot and killed, yet a young man kills 17 people and is taken away alive?” asked Jackson, drawing a comparison to Nikolas Cruz, the accused Feb. 14 shooter at a high school in Parkland, Florida.

Cops are trained to handle situations, not just shoot and kill. They are not supposed to be the judge, jury and executioner,” Jackson said. “It’s hard to believe this can happen right here, in our town.”

Alice Brown, a relative of Yarber’s who described him as “one of my most loved ones,” said Yarber was a young father beloved by almost everyone he came across.
He just had love for everyone. You couldn’t stay mad at him — he wouldn’t let you,” Brown said, wiping tears from her eyes. “He really was such a great guy.”
While she acknowledged Yarber’s checkered past — court records show he was charged with a violation of community supervision on March 19 after pleading no contest to misdemeanor domestic battery in 2017 — Brown still questioned police procedure during the shooting.

I have not reported on this Barstow shooting at the new super wal mart.
It is the town we must go to when we shop and do out reach. Small but this media controlled Black against white stuff is out of control.

Being a local I knew all about this event the facts. My Sister in Law was at Wal mart at the time. 



The following Saturday they had a Black life Matters protest it did not last long and only a couple of people were there. Later on Tuesday as the post says above, a larger crowd, next it will be bigger, soon.

I thought that will be it, not a big deal. The driver ran down a cop car so they shot, way to many bullets 30 or more, but the driver tried to ram a cop and hit the car. I guess its far from over.

OK, now I have been saying to people I talk to the way the little town has changed, such a hate from both races. This is everywhere and is the plan to cause a civil war.

I was surprised to day when I saw Yahoo and ABC news covering the sorry, and many other media outlets. It was a small thing I know, OI lived in city's so why all the media coverage? This area is a military area, , vets, tea Party, trump supporters so it's a powder Keg. Why would the main stream media and big news company's keep this story going? As I said, to cause a Civil war, I have warned over and over, and have said a couple years now, we would see a Civil War.

Two links to the network news covering the Barstow Ca shooting;

I know the next step will be another BLM march and this time people bused in, watch, no other reason for mainstream net work news to keep running this story.

Not a prophecy, just connect the dots and see how it always plays out.

So, very soon little Barstow Ca will make the news with a bigger protest.

If you know this are, it could get crazy, people are being brain washed daily by this national crises. Every state is having this. It seemed as if the BLM protests gave up, I guess TPTB still want to start one event for the 2018 summer of Hell.

I may, or may not go and video the coming event from a distance, more than likely I will not, because its something I think Christians should not do, nor be around, it's not prudent and anything could happen a false flag, anything.

Our area is part of the So Cal Military Industrial complex, The free masons are all over this area, as with all Military areas.

I have had Blacks bumped into me, look at me like they want to kill me. I always say, do not pull the race card with me, I am a Dean of a college that reaches all of Africa, and have been a Pastor in inner city Churches of all races.
It is getting bad when small towns see this stuff, it is a Trump-Military area that is why.
I know people personally in this area I have talked to that have said 'if a BLM march or anything like that happens around me, I will shoot', good lord man?
One last current event.

WW3, NK and SK talking, NK says halting nuke program, China out smarted the West, same with Russia in Syria, so we must have a war, next day, after NK announced no more tests or nukes, I mean the next day, the leader in Iran made some bold threats.


The media spinning this now, these things are all planned. America must have an enemy and must have a war.

The only way the West can start a war is by a false flag, I feel it will be cyber one and blamed on Iran . Iran has always been the next place the USA was going to start war with.
Jon Bolton is key is the war with Iran. It was always his, and the Bush agenda to start with Iran after Afghanistan, after Iraq, next Iran.

Recall a few years ago the stand off we had with Iran, all the commentaries were saying, leaked info we strike Iran this month, this year, that was a while back. The Eastern powers are out smarting the West, so now Iran Again.

Wars and Rumors of War.

History repeats, currency wars, world wars, always been this way, and will be so again. Our lord must allow it. Our lord stopped the NK, Russian issue, 'NOT YET' by Grace.
The West has been handed over, the walls of protection are down, we will sometime be over taken and full judgments will fall.

Its coming, no one knows when, where, but we all know its coming.

I know most reading this have a knowing, a feeling, I know you know this stuff . I am just putting my 2 cents in, as always, fear not, live one day at a time, and be at peace.