New Book-The Other Side Of Psalms-By Alan Schmitt Buy it and help the free college


I meet Brother Alan through the Free Bible college. He is now a board member. He also is my Pastor, a Sr Saint.I felt the need to have a Pastor, after all thee years, why? My main call is Evangelist, Many times while doing this ministry I attended Churches to have a Church and my own Pastoral covering. Finding a Church, and a Pastor that is solid in the word is rare these days. This is always prudent to have someone you can call your pastor, or very good friend to talk with and confide in, no man is an Island to himself. Beloved we need each other. I thank the lord for bring a few dear ones in my life I can talk to, ministry is hard and where I am lonely . Friends now days even that is rare, but the lord will and does bring people into my life, your life as we need contact with others.

He asked me to write the books forward, I read the manuscript and wow, it is a must read.
I have done forwards for self published books, I was a little nervous about this forward because it is now published as his other book Westbow Press, a Division of Thompson-Nelson-Zondervan, one of the biggest publishers in the book publishing field.

So, I just did it. That was a cool thing .

My dear brother said he would give a small portion of each book to the free Bible college. I do not ever sell anything as you can see, this is a first, but it's also a need. The book is worth the read, very interesting small book on Psalms 23.

This is Dr Schmitt pic.


The books cover Pic.


 The Books Back.


The link to get the book is at this link,

I will have the link in the ECC 11, links,

Support this dear retired Sr Saint and get the book. The book as said will also, in a small way help the free bible college.

I honestly recommend the book, you will love it, it will help bring such peace in these troubled times with the most well known and used Psalm in the bible. It is deep, rich and easy to understand.

The Bible college is doing very well record students, of late the Free Bible College is a lot of work. Hundreds of applications around 200 students and they all get it 100% free, PTL.

I have so much I am doing to make the college better, it's a hard but blessed task.
Dr Schmitt will soon take over the Theology Dept, Dr John Birley in S.K, will soon be the PHD head.

The 100% Free Bible College Link is at,

I needed help so this was a meeting from the lord. I can only do so much in a day by ,myself.

We have been having our winds 3 days a week one can not go outside and I have many, many things to do for the offline ministry.

I hope many that read this will get the new book. Pass this around and help the book do well and in a way help the Free Bible college. I do not make a dime from this, almost 7 years now.

Lord bless you all and keep in peace as the dogs of war are moving fast.