Post 2434-New Look To The Website-A Short Word Of Peace


I wanted to change the websites look, so I did.
Its different.

The free college website is being 100% redone.
The degrees are being  re done, new professors, a lot of great new stuff.

Its strange with all the current events, and war all over, I do not understand how, or why, the Free College has record students?

At times I find it hard to just do what I do online. I am learning , I must, live one day at a time.

We ALL must not allow everything going on in the world to shake our faith, put us in fear, this is what current events do.
The walk we must have with our lord can be distracted by these things.

In my life, the lord has been renewing many things. Renewal, back to basics, being prudent, and understand the times we are in, but with out being a head in sand Christian I-We- must all learn to forge ahead in our callings until we can not.

WE should not sit white knuckling this bumpy ride.

We can have joy and peace today.

We can have a walk with our lord that is always fresh and full of life, Jesus is LIFE.

No one knows how much longer they will be alive, so let us all make the choice to live each moment as if it were our last day before going to glory.

The world is getting cold, cold hearts, racial tension, look... we all bleed the same color.

Today, try a random act of kindness towards someone, it will make you feel better. The bible says , 'It is more blessed to give than to receive, try that simple basic today, its all the basics and its our Christian duty to reach out to all we can with the GOOD NEWS of the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ.

The grace of God will give you the ability to still prep, still walk in wisdom, and live for him. Peace must be our guide, it has to be peace, no matter what happens, when it happens, have peace.

Reader, do you have peace in your heart today? You can, follow the Prince of Peace... TODAY!.

Reader, maybe the lord is calling you back, back to a joyful life of complete trust in him.

 If you do not know Jesus as your lord and savior invite him in today, repent, and get up and walk where he leads. 

 Hope you like the new look. 

You will find the same sound doctrine, and messages as always, that must not change, truth can not be watered down, giving in to the 'Post Modern Christian Movement'  of no belief system, no sound doctrine, one will not find any peace in that place-RUN!

So many are very ill, in fear, losing jobs, it is hard times for many, me included, if you are one of the lords saints, he has you covered, but he never said we would not suffer, this is the way it works.

If you need prayer, anything, give us a call and we will be glad to pray with you, and listen to what you need to say.

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Lord bless you this day and fill your heart with peace.

Evangelist-Pastor, Dr. Danny L. Abaldo, and wife Margaret (Peggy) Abaldo