The Spiritual and The Science of Gold


The Spiritual and The Science of Gold

1Pe 1:7 That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ:

The Spiritual Of Gold;We all know this verse very well. We all have trials, the trial of our faith. In the verse it is speaking of severe persecution. Persecution is and will be in the coming days very hard.
Many times we read this verse and think of a hard present issue, trial, this can fit into the mix theologically, but persecution, even unto blood. Gold is an amazing metal, yet it can tarnish and rust over a long time.


1 Peter 1:7

1Pe_1:7. That the trial of your faith, &c.— "Though gold loses nothing in the furnace, yet will it by length of time wear away, or be affected with rust, though not so soon as some other metals; and it will at farthest perish in the general conflagration: but faith will then stand the trial, and come out brighter and more glorious."

Some would read this, That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than gold and silver which had been tried in the fire.

Afflictions are to men's faith, what the furnace is to gold; that is, to try whether it is proof or no; and, if it be proof, will purify, refine, make it brighter and more valuable. St. Peter therefore calls a severe persecution πυρωσις, a fiery trial. Ch. 1Pe_4:12. See Job_23:10.

The teaching of our trials, afflictions, problems, fears, would seem to be like a fiery furnace, and it is. The fiery trial, is more precious than Gold. Coke said one rendering is Gold and silver, but this is not correct, silver is not as near amazing of a metal as Gold.
Think of Peter when he said to the lame man, “silver and gold have we none, but what we do have, we give unto you, in the name of Jesus rise and be healed'.

This was in the very start of his Apostleship-Leadership, it is fitting, so many years later he would use the word Gold for a sever trial. Insight; that is the Gold he, we, can have, it is not seen, it is experienced. This unseen Gold can move mountains, raise the dead, and love your worse enemy.

Unseen Gold, you have this, it comes by years of discipleship, years of walking the walk.
You do not barter, trade, invest in unseen Gold, unseen Gold is hammered, worked, and it only takes a little Gold to do amazing things. Think of this as mustard seed faith.

Grace, it only takes Grace, we stumble, fall, blow it, make a mistake, sin, and yet grace , the blood of Jesus cleanses us, once we repent. Preservation, the grace of our lord has us inscribed in the Palm of his hand. Our lord loves, waits, chastens us for our good, to learn it's all the lord, all his grace and love for his people.

In James we read the trial of your faith produces patience. We have all heard if you pray for patience, expect trials, this is true. It's the fruit of the Spirit, so we see Gold, this glorious unseen Gold can do wonder's, all we do is not give up, look to our lord Jesus, until, and after the storm passes.

Our lord has a crown of Gold, on earth it had to first be a crown of thorns, it is the same for us, we will never see a crown of any-kind, until we reach glory.

We partake in our lords suffering, it's the only way, the narrow gate. Note the last words of our text

...might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ:

This is important, it is a life long test, we also have great days, everyday is great, think of this, today we breathed, saw a mountain, a flower, a bird, simple, but everyday we have while we have freedom, every day we have breath, it is a gift, this is why the bible teaches us, 'this is the day the lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad IN IT.

No matter what you're facing beloved, the lord created it, created the day, the trial ordered, patience is cultivating its perfect work in us. Our world has been turned upside down, even in this, current events, our lord allows everything, thus we give praise in all things, it is the will of Jehovah God about you. In these troubled times I have been learning to be grateful for the day I have been given, I thank the lord for the many needs, and the needs he has given.

The day of prepping and keeping in the mode of preparations, spiritual preparation is number one, I have said that hundreds of times, the lord spoke to my heart and said, This spiritual Prepping, also has a lot to do with living in the NOW, the today, and in a thankful heart, living one single day at a time. If all I, or you do is prepare for whats coming, how can we just stop and praise the lord and live in the now. Today!! Keep things simple!

Think of a person who is on their death-bed they say, 'stop, smell a rose. Look at a thing, creation, and joy in our lords goodness. TODAY!

The Science of Gold;

I was reading in Clarke's commentary about Gold, it was concerning our text verse, you will never look at gold the same way after you read this, after, apply its wonder spiritually.

The science is a little dated but is all true and well put, I did not know much of what you will read next, this is amazing.


As the apostle, on 1Pe_1:7, mentions gold, and gold chemically examined and tried; and as this figure frequently occurs in the sacred writings; I think it necessary to say something here of the nature and properties of that metal.

Gold is defined by chemists to be the most perfect, the most ductile, the most tenacious, and the most unchangeable of all metals. Its specific gravity is about 19.3. A cubic foot of pure gold, cast and not hammered, weighs 1348lbs. In its native state, without mixture, it is yellow, and has no perceptible smell nor taste. When exposed to the action of the fire it becomes red hot before it melts, but in melting suffers no alteration; but if a strong heat be applied while in fusion, it becomes of a beautiful green color. The continual action of any furnace, howsoever long applied, has no effect on any of its properties. It has been kept in a state of fusion for several months, in the furnace of a glass house, without suffering the smallest change. The electric and galvanic fluids inflame and convert it into a purple oxide, which is volatilized in the form of smoke. In the focus of a very powerful burning glass it becomes volatilized, and partially vitrified; so that we may say with the apostle, that, though gold is tried by the fire - abides the action of all culinary fires, howsoever applied, yet it perisheth by the celestial fire and the solar influence; the rays of the sun collected in the focus of a powerful burning glass, and the application of the electric fluid, destroy its color, and alter and impair all its properties. This is but a late discovery; and previously to it a philosopher would have ridiculed St. Peter for saying, gold that perisheth.

Gold is so very tenacious that a piece of it drawn into wire, one-tenth of an inch in diameter, will sustain a weight of 500lbs. without breaking.
One grain of gold may be so extended, by its great malleability, as to be easily divided into two millions of parts; and a cubic inch of gold into nine thousand, five hundred and twenty-three millions, eight hundred and nine thousand, five hundred and twenty-three parts; each of which may be distinctly seen by the naked eye!

A grain and a half of gold may be beaten into leaves of one inch square, which, if intersected by parallel lines, drawn at right angles to each other, and distant only the 100th part of an inch; will produce twenty-five millions of little squares, each of which may be distinctly seen without the help of glasses!
The surface of any given quantity of gold, according to Mr. Magellan, may be extended by the hammer 159,092 times!
Eighty books, or two thousand leaves, of what is called leaf gold, each leaf measuring 3.3 inches square, viz. each leaf containing 10.89 square inches, weigh less than 384 grains; each book, therefore, or twenty-five leaves, is equal to 272.25 inches, and weighs about 4.8 grains; so that each grain of gold will produce 56.718, or nearly fifty-seven square inches!

The thickness of the metal thus extended appears to be no more than the one 282.020th of an inch! One pound, or sixteen ounces of gold, would be sufficient to gild a silver wire, sufficient in length to encompass the whole terraqueous globe, or to extend 25,000 miles!
Notwithstanding this extreme degree of tenuity, or thinness, which some carry much higher, no pore can be discerned in it by the strongest magnifying powers; nor is it pervious to the particles of light, nor can the most subtile fluids pass through it. Its ductility has never yet been carried to the uttermost pitch, and to human art and ingenuity is probably unlimited.

Sulphur, in the state of a sulphuret, dissolves it; tin and lead greatly impair its tenacity; and zinc hardens and renders it very brittle. Copper heightens its color, and renders it harder, without greatly impairing its ductility. It readily unites with iron, which it hardens in a remarkable manner.
The oxigenated muriatic acid, and the nitro-muriatic acid, dissolve gold. In this state it is capable of being applied with great success to the gilding of steel. The process is very simple, and is instantaneously performed, viz.: -

To a solution of gold in the nitro-muriatic acid add about twice the quantity of sulphuric ether. In order to gild either iron or steel, let the metal be well polished, the higher the better: the ether which has taken up the gold may be applied by a camel hair pencil, or small brush; the ether then evaporates, and the gold becomes strongly attached to the surface of the metal. I have seen lancets, penknives, etc., gilded in a moment, by being dipped in this solution. In this manner all kinds of figures, letters, mottoes, etc., may be delineated on steel, by employing a pen or fine brush.

The nitro-muriatic acid, formerly called aqua regia, is formed by adding muriatic acid, vulgarly spirit of salt, to the nitric acid, formerly aqua fortis. Two parts of the muriatic acid to one of the nitric constitute this solvent of gold and platina, which is called the nitro-muriatic acid.
Gold was considered the heaviest of all metals till the year 1748, when the knowledge of platina was brought to Europe by Don Antonio Ulloa: this, if it be a real metal, is the hardest and weightiest of all others. The specific gravity of gold is, as we have seen, 19.3; that of platina is from 20.6 to 23: but gold will ever be the most valuable of all metals, not merely from its scarcity, but from its beautiful color and great ductility, by which it is applicable to so many uses, and its power of preserving its hue and polish without suffering the least tarnish or oxidation from the action of the air.

Amazing , now let us apply the text verse with this in mind the next time we read it.